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Deer Velvet for Dogs
Deer Velvet for Dogs
Deer Velvet for Dogs
Deer Velvet for Dogs
Deer Velvet for Dogs
Picture of a dog laying next to our senior dog supplement that promotes healthy joints
Deer Velvet for Dogs
Deer Velvet for Dogs

Deer Velvet for Dogs

"We just had knee surgery last May. Not even one full bottle gone and she has stopped moaning every time she gets up. Yea. Love this stuff" - Jane O.

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Unlock the amazing health benefits of deer antler velvet for dogs. The best joint health and senior dog mobility supplement.

Health Benefits of Elk Antler Velvet for Dogs:

  • Supports healthy energy levels*
  • Promotes healthy joint function and mobility*
  • Encourages weight maintenance*
  • Supports dog's immune function*
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat*

Cruelty free anti aging serumEven the best pet foods can't supply the wide benefits delivered by our elk antler velvet supplements for your dog.

Help your dog feel like a "good boy"

Specially formulated for dogsPure Velvet K9 Support is the best selling deer antler velvet extract for pet owners. Packing the strongest dose (500mg) of deer velvet, this supplement will help your dog feel rejuvenated.

How to feed deer velvet supplement to your pet:

Dogs love our deer antler velvet healthy joint supplement

Just add 1/4 teaspoon to your dog's food and your pet will enjoy the additional seasoning to his or her meal.

Common questions regarding deer velvet for your dog:

  • Q: What is the best time of day to give deer velvet to my dog?
    A: Dogs all have different schedules, but typically we recommend giving you dog deer antler velvet in the morning when feeding your pet his or her morning breakfast.
  • Q: Can I give the human version of deer velvet to my dog?
    A: Absolutely not! Do not feed any of our liquid drop supplements to your pet. The liquid drop version of deer velvet is stored in freeze dried grape alcohol, which can be harmful to your pet. 

Unlike Competitors, We Have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your purchase of deer antler velvet for your dog, we will offer you a full refund within 30 days. For more info, read our full return policy.

A fully controlled Farm to Bottle Deer Velvet process

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