Welcome to the Pure Velvet Family. By now, we hope you've experienced the amazing benefits of our pure form Deer Antler Velvet liquids. We'd like to offer you a special discount on one of the other few products that has passed Pure Velvet's high standards in IGF-1 delivery. 

Use code TRY30 at checkout to order one, or both of these amazing IGF-1 based products.

Topical Deer Antler Velvet (Topical IGF-1 Delivery)

IGF-1 can work wonders inside and out. Pair your Deer Antler Velvet drops with our topical Deer Antler Velvet lotion to give your body the maximum growth factor benefits. Commonly used on sore muscles, it's also relied on as as a skin nourishing formula for those looking to ward off Father Time and wrinkles.

Ethically Sourced Colostrum Powder

Deer Antler Velvet isn't the only way to help unlock growth factors from within. Our ethically sourced, premium quality Colostrum Powder. But the core benefits go beyond IGF, Colostrum Powder helps support your gut health, which is imperative for your immune system health, digestion, and bathroom regularity. Leaky gut? We have you covered.