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Pure form Deer Antler Velvet
Pure form Deer Antler Velvet
Pure form Deer Antler Velvet
Pure form Deer Antler Velvet

Pure form Deer Antler Velvet

"I recovered from muscle soreness much quicker than usual. I felt refreshed when starting my workouts and noticed that I am sleeping better." - Louis

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So we've already established that Deer Antlers are the fastest growing tissue on earth - all because of an insane amount of hormone activity with Testosterone and IGF-1 that happens when the deer is in-velvet.

But how long has this deer antler velvet been around?

If you only recently heard about deer antler velvet, then you might be surprised to hear it's been in use for a longggg time. This isn't some new fad that just came around.

The first use of deer antler velvet recorded was found in silk scrolls that were unearthed in a tomb approximately 2,000 years ago. The scrolls described the applications of deer antler velvet as bolstering support for energy levels, vitality, strength and stamina, among other things.

Sounds awesome. Why is Deer Antler Velvet not everywhere??

Humans have been using deer antler velvet as a power supplements for thousands of years. You would think it would earn a spot on the shelves next to the hundreds of Proteins and Pre-workouts, right?

Nope. I learned this early - making pure form deer antler velvet is expensive! Why would McSuperSupplement Company bother marketing a product that costs a ton to make when they can market some "proprietary blend' that costs them a dollar or two to make? High cost, low margin isn't going to make sense to shareholders.

I'll be honest. It makes me question myself at times. From a business standpoint, a Proprietary blend would boost profits by 20x. But it also wouldn't be strong enough to work. 

And then I read emails and testimonials from customers. People who were so excited about their results that they reached out on instagram or email to tell us about it. Daniel's story is my favorite - cause that guy was SO excited when he reached out to tell us about his experience.

As I read triumphant stories like Daniel's, I think to myself - "yes, same! - that's why I started Pure Velvet! Pure form deer antler velvet is amazing!"

This product is awesome. And that's why it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose by trying this out. It delivers on its benefits.


  • Advanced Mood Enhancement*
  • Libido Enhancement*
  • Endurance Support*
  • Assists in Recovery times*

Fully controlled Deer Antler Velvet process

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    dameion l.
    United States

    Its works great

    Sarah D.
    United States


    I love it! I take the Velvet 40 ish minutes before the workout and I am getting amazing results.

    William H.
    United States

    Jury’s still out.

    Started with the classic, wasn’t sure if it was working, so I got the premium. Well I’ll just say I’m not sure what I was expecting but I thought I’d feel more of a different in the two products. Almost 2 months in taking the liquid.

    James M.
    United States

    I have to be honest, I tried it just before my work out and it made me sluggish and tired. I had to cut my work out short and went home to take a nap. Meanwhile I had just woken up 2 hours before. I will be returning this product. Definitely not what I was hoping for!!!

    John M.
    United States

    Still haven’t received my item

    I have no received my item and it was expensive and I’m very upset and will never buy from you guys again this is unacceptable