4 Great ways for Personal Trainers to Increase Income

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Good personal trainers are familiar with the satisfaction and pride that comes along with watching clients transform not only their bodies, but also their lives. Building lasting relationships and earning positive reviews that generate additional clients is rewarding and professionally fulfilling. But maintaining a steady client base can be a challenge, leading to often unpredictable fluctuations in earnings. Following are four great ways for personal trainers to increase their income. 

Constantly Nurture Relationships

Your clients no longer just want a regular routine – they want an experience. Candidly, they want to boast to family and friends that they are paying the best, and they want to show off their results. They also want to brag a little about their personal relationship with their trainer, so treat each client as if they were your only client.

In between sessions with a client, text, email or call. You don’t want to just sell them their next appointment, but express genuine interest, and pride when appropriate, in their progress toward their individual goals. A quick motivating text or a check-in phone call to see how they are feeling will do wonders for the trainer-client relationship and establish a strong trust. You might want to comment on how well they did during their last session. Or, offer a quick nutrition tip which could include your favorite healthy between-meals snack. However you choose to engage with your clients between sessions, make it individualized and personal so they don’t feel you’re only offering a cookie-cutter approach that all of your clients receive.

Sell Nutrition Supplements

Your clients look to you for inspiration and they will likely take your advice. If you endorse a product, they will probably purchase it. Make certain you are genuine and are up front with your clients about what to expect from supplements you get behind. Talk openly with them about your own experiences with the product and how it should be used for the best results. If they purchase nutrition supplements you recommend, be sure to follow up and keep them well informed about any and all other supplements in the product line that might best benefit their advancement toward their goal.

Wear Your Training Gear Everywhere

Okay, maybe not everywhere. But as a personal trainer, you must constantly market yourself. People are inherently curious about your profession; secretly, everyone wishes they have what it takes to always look and feel their very best. Think of yourself as your own personal billboard.

Develop several “elevator speeches.” When people ask you questions about training – and they will when they learn about your profession – be prepared with an answer about every excuse they have for not hiring a personal trainer. Among the most common excuses are lack of time, lack of money and fear of failure. You should have a counter argument prepared for every one of these excuses: Discuss clients you have who fit in short, high-intense workouts before or after work, clients who do the most basic, bare bones sessions when they can afford to, and clients who have overcome significant obstacles to achieve their goals. Talk to them about what having a personal trainer can do to help them in the short- and long-term.

Go To Your Clients

Consumer preferences have changed and will continue to change, so be prepared to constantly evolve. If you begin losing clients because their timetable doesn’t mesh with yours, think of new and inventive ways to keep and grown their business. If, for example, a client can only go to the gym n hours when you are not available or having a standing appointment with another client, offer a subscription-based podcast so he or she can still follow your instructions and get in a great workout from a trusted source.

Or, start an early morning or late evening boot camp where clients can invite friends and co-workers to join them in exercise in a fun, supportive environment. Talk to corporations, who are increasingly seeking way to keep their employees healthy and healthcare costs down, about offering nutrition courses during the lunch hour. (Hint: This is another great opportunity to sell your nutrition supplements). Offer personalized nutrition plans based on attendee needs rather than one overarching plan that simply won’t fit everyone.

Regardless of how you find your clients and grow your client base, the best results will come in understanding their needs and tailoring your services to meet those needs.

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