Deer Antler Velvet helps enable you to become the greatest form of yourself. Success comes to those who work hard - and smart. We don't pay nonsense celebrities to promote our product, because our customer success stories speak volumes.

Deer Antler Velvet Testimonial #1: Luke Kindt, National Arm Wrestling Champion

When professional arm wrestling champ, Luke Kindt, reached out to us to let us know he loves our product, we had to suit him up with some Pure Velvet gear for his upcoming tournament. Spoiler alert - he won - again. Luke used our Premium Deer Antler Velvet.

Arm wrestling testimonial about deer antler velvet's ability to enhance athletic performance and recovery due to its high concentration of growth factors

Deer Antler Velvet Testimonial #2: John Courtenay, Set the APA Master's division Bench Press Record

For John, age is just a number. The amount of weight he can bench press happens to be a much higher number. When he emailed us a note letting us know he's competing in the American Powerlifting Association Bench Press competition, we were thrilled to watch his journey. With a combination of hard work, really heavy weights, and our Elite Deer Antler Velvet, John took home the medal as the Powerlifting Champ.


Bodybuilding with deer antler velvet supplement that helps promote joint health and reduce inflammation, potentially benefiting those with arthritis or joint pain


Deer Antler Velvet Testimonial #3: Alexandre V., Jiu Jitsu Champion & Instructor

Alexandre is a huge fan of our Elite Deer Antler Velvet. He's also not someone you want to get in a tussle with. A multi-year Jiu Jitsu champion, he's also an instructor who recommends Pure Velvet to his students. He puts himself on a whole other level of being awesome by competing in motocross as well. 

A man recommends Deer antler velvet for jiu jitsu mma, a supplement that helps enhance athletic performance, promote vitality and improve overall health

Deer Antler Velvet Review #4: Susan Tank, Certified Fitness Professional

Susan is a health & fitness expert and she is a Deer Antler Velvet fanatic! She gives Pure Velvet credit for helping her maintain both her amazing physique and youthful skin.

For workouts, she loves the energy Pure Velvet gives her before her workouts and the recovery support she gets post-workout. For anti-aging, she loves how it works from within to make you look and feel younger. 

Susan Tank - a certified fitness professional reviews Deer antler velvet that helps promote vitality and improve overall health

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