A dog takes Pure Velvet Deer Antler Velvet for dogs to improve its joint health and energy

Best Deer Antler Velvet Supplement for Pets

After years of establishing ourselves as the best deer antler velvet for humans, we've released a deer antler velvet supplement for pets. What's the most popular pet in the US? Dogs!

What inspired our release of deer antler velvet for dogs?

Initially, our inspiration came from the success we see with our deer antler velvet for humans. Our return customer rate is a true sign that our supplement is delivering value to our customers. If antler sprays are providing value to humans, why can't we also create a formula that provides these same health benefits to animals?

The 2nd piece of our inspiration came from antler chews. These chews have emerged over the years as the best natural chew toy for dogs. While we're not in the market of selling chew toys, the concept did play a role in encouraging us to expand our antler product selection to include a dog supplement. 

The process of creating deer antler velvet for dogs & pets

Pure Velvet Extracts for pets was born. Now your dog can enjoy the numerous health benefits of deer antler velvet. 

We spent significant time aligning on the proper formula for canine deer antler velvet delivery. As with all of our deer products, purity was key. We needed to ensure we did not include unnecessary filler or synthetic IGF-1. In our opinion, the optimal way to unlock the health benefits of supplements is to rely on pure form delivery as opposed to synthetics created in a lab.

With pets, taste is important

Pure form deer antler velvet does not taste good. I think everyone that takes deer antler velvet can agree on that. That's why our deer antler velvet for dogs comes in flakes that include elk liver and pumpkin extract. Sprinkle it on your dog's food and he or she will enjoy the extra topping. It's not recommended that you feed the deer velvet flakes separately to your pet, as it goes nicely with a healthy serving of dog food.

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