is Deer antler velvet, the natural supplement that helps enhance immunity, endurance, joint health, testosterone levels, illegal?

Is Deer Antler Velvet illegal?

Deer antler velvet is legal

We've been producing and selling pure deer antler velvet for a long time. We have worked with thousands of customers, gyms, personal trainers, and professional athletes. To this day, we still receive a common question - is deer antler velvet illegal?

No. Deer antler velvet is not illegal. It is a natural product that is available to legally purchase throughout the united states and the rest of the world. It is a rare substance that is not widely distributed, but it is completely legal to produce, sell, and purchase.

Why do people sometimes believe deer antler velvet is illegal? We suspect that, since many have not previously heard of deer antler velvet, they assume it may not be legal for use. Also, since it is sometimes compared to steroids, deer velvet is sometimes mistakenly thought of as a form of steroids. To be clear, while deer velvet contains growth factors, the supplement is not a steroid in any way.

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