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Yes! Reindeer Velvet is a Thing

It's commonly asked if reindeer velvet exists and we're happy to report that is does. Similar to other deer and elk, reindeer's antlers go through a growth phase referred to as being in velvet

Deer and reindeer are not all that different. In fact, the only difference is that regular deer adapt to warmer clients while reindeer adapt to colder climates. It gets chilly up there in the North Pole!

So to answer the frequently asked question - yes, reindeer go through a velvet stage with their antlers just like regular deer do. That said, there is no reported company that provides reindeer velvet as a supplement. All brands use deer that are more adaptable to a warmer climate.

Therefore (and some may view this as unfortunate), when you buy deer antler velvet, it does not have any reindeer velvet in it.

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