Buying Deer Antler Velvet on AmazonIf you search for Deer Antler Velvet on, you will likely be disappointed with the product results you encounter. Amazon does not allow supplements that contain Deer Antler Velvet to be listed on their online store. There are products claiming to be Antler Velvet or contain IGF-1, but they do not actually contain anter velvet extract. If they did, they would be removed from Amazon immediately and the seller would be suspended.

Why does Amazon not allow sales of Deer Antler Velvet?

Amazon is very strict with what products they will and won't sell. Dietary supplements are an especially grey area. Since Deer Antler Velvet is proven to have an impact on hormone levels that resembles anabolics, they do not allow suppliers to sell it on their store.

How can I use this knowledge when deciding which Deer Antler Velvet to Buy?

The best way you can use this valuable information to guide your purchase decision is to look on Amazon, make a list of all the brands that have a Deer Velvet product listed on Amazon, and then remove them from your consideration list. Why? Because if they are on Amazon, then you do not want to buy their antler supplement because it does not actually contain pure Deer Antler Velvet.

While Amazon is an amazing store that provides a great retail experience, we do not recommend it for purchasing deer antler velvet. If they allowed brands to sell actual deer antler velvet products on their site, then we would be listed there in a second. Our absence is our proof.

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