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Deer Antler Velvet Testimonials

While we feature deer antler velvet reviews on each of our product pages, we also put together a list of standout testimonials that highlight the health benefits of taking Pure Velvet Extracts. See below for real customer reviews and testimonials from those who have taken deer antler velvet.


Kurt Wilson - Pure Velvet Extracts Customer

bicycling with deer antler velvet

"I am recovering from a bicycle accident. I 1st learned about Deer Horn as it was referred to about 20 yrs ago. However, it was next to impossible to find. Pure Velvet makes it easy to get.

I was impressed from day 1! this is very overt! I am 60 years old and Pure Velvet makes me feel GREAT! It even seems to keep blood pressure in check. 

Don't bother with the cheap $20 stuff, I have been trying different brands, by far Pure Velvet Premium is Impressive!"

Erin J Duke - BK Booty Fitness

BK Booty fitness deer velvet testimonial

Youtube Channel: BK Booty Fitness

Ryan Mayberry - Co-Founder of Pure Velvet Extracts

"I started taking deer antler velvet years ago after I heard that it can help promote sport performance. The company I was using at the time went out of business. I tried several other big brands and found that the quality was not like my old brand - the product did nothing. Wanting to find a pure source of deer antler velvet for myself inspired me to link up with a farm in Idaho to start Pure Velvet Extracts.

I used to box competitively when I was younger, and I've found deer antler velvet helps me keep up with the grueling workouts so I can stay active in a sport I enjoy." 

Instagram: @thisisryan21

The deer antler velvet reviews and brand mentions above are from real Pure Velvet Extracts customers and affiliates. Results are not typical, and anyone considering taking deer antler velvet should consult a physician beforehand.