By now, you should be confident in purchasing Deer Antler Velvet from us, as we're the brand providing the highest extract ratio and the only US based brand that owns the production process from farm to bottle. But which level is the right purchase for you?

We've created a Deer Antler Velvet supplement comparison guide to help guide your purchase decision. Compare supplements below and decide which Deer Velvet product fits your lifestyle the best. 

Deer Antler Velvet product comparison

Full comparison of deer antler velvet supplements that provide various benefits from join health, immune system function, vitality and cardiovascular health

Still unsure which deer velvet is best for you?

If you still can't decide, we recommend going with the Premium. Choosing the middle strength allows you to assess whether you want to stay the same, level down to Classic, or level up to Elite.

Another common approach to choosing deer antler velvet is to start with the Classic and level up if you feel you want a stronger dose.

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