Spray is almost synonymous with the search for Deer Antler Velvet supplements. For some reason, ever since Antler Velvet emerged as an amazing super food that helps maintain youthful muscle recovery, people have typically resorted to using antler velvet sprays.

Figuring out if deer antler sprays work. This picture crosses out a spray bottle.

Not all Deer Antler Velvet supplements are created equal*

The simple fact is that not all antler velvet supplements are created the same. If antler velvet is administered in a spray form, its not going to work like a liquid dropper administration for multiple reasons. In fact, the spray likely won't be absorbed into the body or work at all. 

Main reasons why Deer Antler Velvet Sprays Don't Work*

  • Deer Velvet sprays contain citric acid and potassium sorbate as ingredients. These preservatives can highly excite the fragile growth factors, causing them to unbind and leaving them as free forming amino acid. While Amino acids serve a benefit, it's not the purpose of taking deer antler velvet. There are many other simpler, cheaper supplements to get your amino acids.
  • Deer Antler Velvet sprays use plastic bottles. Due to the nature of a bottle being able to have spray functionality, plastic is often used as the bottle or the bottle's spray dispenser when creating a deer antler velvet spray. The antler growth factors can bind to plastic, removing the growth factors from the antler spray. We like to compare this to a protein shaker cup. Have you ever left protein in a plastic container and then it smells rancid days later? It's due to the plastic binding./

    That is why all of our deer antler velvet supplements come in amber glasses with liquid droppers. The amber glass protects the pure antler extract and keeps the growth hormones from binding.