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Maximum Growth Factor Bundle - Deer Velvet & Colostrum Powder
Maximum Growth Factor Bundle - Deer Velvet & Colostrum Powder
Maximum Growth Factor Bundle - Deer Velvet & Colostrum Powder
Maximum Growth Factor Bundle - Deer Velvet & Colostrum Powder
Maximum Growth Factor Bundle - Deer Velvet & Colostrum Powder

Maximum Growth Factor Bundle - Deer Velvet & Colostrum Powder

"I recovered from muscle soreness much quicker than usual. I felt refreshed when starting my workouts and noticed that I am sleeping better." - Louis

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The ultimate pairing to maximize support for IG growth factors.

For years, we've delivered top quality Deer Antler Velvet to help support naturally occurring IGF-1 within the body. Now, you can pair our one of our three different levels of deer antler velvet with our Colostrum Powder to maximize this support. 

Similar to deer antler velvet, Colostrum supports natural growth factors such as IGF-1 and IGF-2. This support comes from the gut - where colostrum works wonders to assist with natural occurring gut health.

When you buy a bottle of deer antler velvet, pair it with our dog supplement to share your nutrition journey with your best friend.

Unleash the power of IGF-1 and Glucosamine

Recommended for:

  • Those looking to support healthy immune system function
  • Athletes focused on maximizing growth factors
  • Those looking to support recovery after exercise while supporting both IGF levels for muscle recovery and gut health bacteria for immune support.

Colostrum & Deer Velvet to double the Health Benefits:

  • Both products support strong IGF levels*
  • Support healthy immune system function*
  • Graceful Aging*
  • Balanced Vitamin level support*

3 variant options depending on strength:

Unlike Competitors, We Have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

If you, or your dog, feel that the product is not working, we will offer you a full refund within 30 days. For more info, read our full return policy.


    A fully controlled Farm to Bottle Deer Velvet process

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    United States United States

    Seems to be helping!

    So far I am encouraged about the product. It seems to be helping me with energy, a swollen ankle I had, and overall mental focus. My physical stamina also seems to have improved. I've given some to my close friend whom I live with, and it seems to have helped him as well, generally with energy and stamina. So far I plan to continue using it at least for some months to see what further affects I might experience. I can't be sure if I should attribute these effects more to the colostrum powder or the antler tincture as I've been using both, but either way I'm very pleased with the results so far. Perhaps they work even better together, I'm not sure.

    Calvin J.
    United States United States

    Grow so hard it hurts

    The colostrum is very nutrient rich, I take two scoops before breakfast and by lunch time I might be mildly hungry, where normally I would be ravenous. It may speed up healing, hard to tell. What is not hard to tell is the growth, I haven’t ached from growth like this since I was a kid. I’ve tried a lot of supplements which work to various degrees but nothing like this. Will be ordering more. Would definitely recommend to anyone who works out.

    Michael G.
    United States United States

    Maximum Growth Factor Bundle

    As I approach a bodybuilding competition, I always increase my intensity. The bundle helps me maximize my gains while alleviating wear and tear damage from my workouts. Your product keeps me on the top of the podium.

    James W.
    United States United States


    Good increase in power and less fatigue in the gym!

    Nicholas B.
    United States United States

    Targeted Arachnoiditis Treatment

    The efficacy and quality of both the Deer Antler Velvet extract and the Colostrum is super super super and I am not easily convinced about these things. Recently advances in science have shown anabolic compounds like Testosterone, HCG, HGH, Nandrolone, Oxandrolone etc etc are able to bring about remission from certain states of chronic Pain with or with autoimmunity through restoration of connective tissue as well as nerve tissue. Dr Forest Tennant has been the pioneer in this and recently he has advised debilitated pain sufferers to take Deer Antler and Colostrum to achieve the same effects as the anabolic agents I mentioned. The fact those two things are what y'all produce is very fortunate especially since the quality is so high. After one bottle of extract and one colostrum I have had a noticable increase in muscle mass as well as great digestive health plus skin health. I look forward to see results over a couple month period. and is where some of that info can be found

    A Pure Velvet Extracts Customer
    Ross V.
    United States United States

    Pure Velvet Amazing!

    I have used the Pure Velvet Products now for about 3 months. My knees were hurting my joints were aching and I was in general in pain. I am 45 yrs old man and was experiencing the obvious signs of age. I am not allowed to do that in my profession (military). So I needed something that would kick my body back into gear. Pure Velvet Products have done that. So thank you!!

    linda w.
    United States United States

    I started the products about a week ago

    Im using it everyday! Will let you know in another week! What my results are! Thankyou

    Francesca F.
    United States United States

    I love it

    I love it deer velvet I just want to say thank you for this product.i have been suffering with sinus and eye problems. once I take it for 90 sec lol full benefits. I can feel my eyes and sinus clear up. my eyes had a black ring now its going away. I can breathe.then I feel so Strong. I can feel my body awaken alertness I have so much energy, the colostrum power so my muscle are going I feel great the taste for both products good for me.the power i take time to drink it kind of smell like hint of vanilla. I drink it fast . I am surprised to get a reaction from these products it take me about 90 days to do an review. these products are the truth . I appreciate Pure Velvet, thank you for making these products. I will order for the rest of my life. I discontinue all my other products for Pure Velvet Products ✨️ before I go its been 3 weeks of me taking the products. my body adjusted great strong strong