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Are Deer Antler Velvet Supplements Safe for Pregnant Women?

A common question we encounter is whether deer antler velvet supplements are safe for women. More specifically, we also have many people ask us if taking antler velvet products is safe for pregnant women. Like all of these questions, our primary recommendation is to consult a licensed physician. That said, our non-clinical recommendation is to not take deer antler velvet if you are pregnant.

Taking Deer Antler Velvet During Pregnancy

Analyzing whether it's safe to take deer antler velvet when pregnant.Part of running Pure Velvet as a business, is staying up to date on the latest studies showing proof that deer antler velvet lives up to its health claims. That said, there are no clear studies focused on deer antler velvet supplementation during human pregnancy.

We personally know of females who have supplemented with deer antler velvet sprays during their pregnancy, and to our knowledge, they have not had any issues with their pregnancy or child. However, we believe deer velvet, like many things that are typically healthy for you, should be avoided while a woman is pregnant.

Pregnancy is a vulnerable time for a woman and her baby. While pure deer antler velvet is natural and organic (Pure Velvet is at least), we still recommend that antler velvet supplements, along with many other products, are avoided during female pregnancy.

As always, please consult a physician before making any decision to take or not to take a supplement.


  • I took deer antler velvet while pregnant. The baby came out fine and I wouldn’t think anything of taking it while pregnant again. As long as you are taking pure form deer antler velvet, then it’s all natural and you don’t have to worry about any side effects. I would agree with the article in that everyone should ask their doctor before taking antler velvet spray supplements as everyone is different.

  • So I’ve been taking deer antler velvet for years. When I found out I was pregnant, I stopped taking my antler velvet and felt rather rundown. It’s always tough to say whether it was due to the antler velvet or the pregnancy. While I don’t think taking deer velvet supplements would be harmful, I agree with this post that it’s better to play it safe than sorry. When I have my next child, I will also likely stop taking all supplements again except for prenatal vitamins.


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