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Is Deer Antler Velvet Safe for Elderly to Take?

Elderly people should consult a physician before beginning deer antler velvet supplementation.A common question that comes up when discuss Deer Antler Velvet supplementation with potential users, is whether deer antler supplements are safe for elderly people to consume.

The answer is that, everyone of all ages should consult their doctor before taking deer antler velvet. Antler Velvet is not unique in this stance, because EVERY supplement should be reviewed by a doctor before taking.

Many Older Individuals Take Deer Antler Velvet

The majority of our customers are over the age of 55 and a significant portion are 65+. We have friends and family that are categorized as elderly, that are regular users of deer antler velvet. If you are elderly and looking to unlock a plethora of health benefits, Deer Antler Velvet is a great supplement to research and consider taking on a regular basis.

All of the above being said, the author of this post is not a doctor and deer antler velvet should never be taken before consulting a doctor to ensure that deer antler velvet is supplementation is a safe option for your specific health needs.



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  • I started taking deer antler velvet a few months ago. I’m 68 years old. I’m not sure if my age is considered elderly or not, but I view anything over the age of 65 as broadly categorized as elderly. I take it and I’m fine so in my opinion this is a good supplement for older folks like me to take.

    Dale Mc

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