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Deer Antler Velvet Dosage Instructions

How to take deer antler velvetOne of the most common themes across the questions we receive from our customers relates to deer antler velvet dosage. While all of our products are shipped with dosage instructions included in the box, it's often helpful to have a digital resource that explains how to take deer antler velvet in more detail. 

The following dosage instructions are specific to Pure Velvet Extracts products and may not have relevance when using another brand of deer velvet.

Proper deer antler velvet dosageHow to take deer antler velvet

  1. Unscrew the lid from the bottle and fill the lid's attached dropper 2/3 full. Most prefer to eye-ball approximately two thirds, but another option is to fill the dropper entirely and then squeeze 30 individual drops into a shot glass or directly into your mouth.
  2. Deposit the 2/3 dropper (or 30 drops) under your tongue. This helps to maximize absorption. It's also why we recommend liquid drops over capsules or other alternative methods.
  3. Hold the deer velvet liquid under your tongue for 60 - 80 seconds. Again, this helps to maximize absorption. Our product is highly concentrated so that you don't have to hold too much liquid under your tongue (pure deer antler velvet doesn't taste very good). 
  4. After holding the liquid in your mouth for 60 - 80 seconds, you may swallow. It's ok to eat or drink immediately after.

Alternative deer antler velvet dosage instructions

While following the steps above, some people prefer to split their deer antler velvet dosage and take half the dose in the morning and half of the dose in the evening. Everyone is different and has different schedules. To split your dosage and follow this alternative method, simply eyeball 1/3 of a dropper in the morning and 1/3 of a dropper in the evening. Read more on when to take deer antler velvet.

Can I take deer antler velvet on an empty stomach? Can I take it on a full stomach?

Food intake does not affect the absorption of deer antler velvet. You may take pure velvet extracts in the morning on an empty stomach or you may take it during or after a meal. We do have customers that tend to feel it works better when taken on an empty stomach in the AM. With all things, we recommend testing out different ways to take it to find what works best for your body.

Importance of following proper dosage instructions

While the above is a great guideline for how to take deer antler velvet, we recommend that anyone who takes deer velvet (or any supplement) consult a licensed physician beforehand. The doctor should outline whether deer antler velvet supplements are safe for you to use as well as provide a dosage recommendation for your individual needs.

Once you have an understanding of the proper dosage, it's important that you follow it consistently in order to maximize the health benefits of taking deer antler velvet. Failing to follow proper, doctor recommended instructions, can lead to the supplement not working or significant health problems.


    • I am a senior who tried deer antler to increase my libido.
      Pleasantly surprised to see it have an effect after about 10 days.
      Just ordered my second bottle at 3,000 mg.

    • best product that I’ve tried so far, gave me back my stamina and helps a lot with my workout

      Jose Osorio
    • Great product. I tore every ligament, MCL, ACL, and miniscus in my knee, dr. Replaced most with cadaver parts. I started taking 1 week after surgery, at week 4 post op my bones were completely calcified back over. I had to have a second sue at week 6 because my scar tissue grew way to fast and well, as dr was cutting scar tissue he went to miniscus to clean up 3 small tears he left and they were already healed on their own. I’m currently 1 month ahead of progress to where dr thought I’d be. I believe it’s all because of the great healing power of this product. Thanks again.

      Bart May
    • Taking it in the morning before eating anything has definitely been the go-to for me. I feel like it works quicker and brings results better when I don’t eat anything beforehand and then give it about half an hour to work before eating.

    • When I first started taking deer antler velvet I was very keen on taking the exact amount prescribed but now I’ve become a little lazy and just eye-ball it. Honestly, I haven’t seen a difference in whether or not I do it exactly right or just estimate. Might make a difference in how long the product last thought.


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