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What is the Best Time of Day to Take Deer Antler Velvet

Identifying the right time of day to take deer antler velvet

The best time of day to take deer antler velvet is in the morning and at night. While dosage recommendations will differ based on your age, size, and activity level, we recommend that you take half of your dosage in the morning and the other have several hours before going to sleep.

Splitting your antler velvet dosage and taking it every 12 hours is the most commonly followed regimen among our community. Given that everyone is unique, preferences may vary.  

Why you should take half your dosage in the morning

The most important reason for taking deer antler velvet in the morning is the extra energy boost that it provides as you start your day. Reading through reviews online, you will see many people mention the added energy and optimistic feeling they have throughout the day when they take antler velvet in the morning. There are also some who claim that it's easier to incorporate taking supplements into their morning routine.

Many have also claimed that they have noticed taking the supplement on an empty stomach helps them feel more impactful. People usually have an empty stomach in the morning shortly after waking up. However, it has not been officially proven in any studies that taking deer antler velvet on an empty stomach is absorbed better than when taken with food. We recommend taking it either on an empty stomach or with food, but everyone's body is different.

Why you should take half your dosage at night

Sleep is one of the most important parts of your day. This is when your body can maximize its recovery from a long day of work and/or exercise. For those who are athletes or bodybuilders, sleep is vital for muscle recovery. There are also many reviews online that mention having the best results at night time as they feel the recovery benefits of deer antler velvet are the most important.

Two most important factors for determining when you take antler velvet 

By far, there are 2 main factors that should weigh above any recommendation you read online about when to take deer antler velvet.

  1. Consult a licensed physician. This is the most important part about taking any dietary supplement. Talk with a doctor and make sure the product and dosage instructions are right for you.
  2. Try different times of day and see what works best with your body. It's important to remember that every body is different. While taking the full antler velvet dosage in the morning may work for one person, taking the full dosage at night may work better for another individual.

We want to hear from you. What is your dosage routine? What time of day do you think is the best to take deer antler velvet?


  • Can I take it on a water fast will it spike insulin
    Or would it be more effective on an empty stomach. Can it burn fat and build muscle

  • I completely agree with Robert and how he takes the dosages. I’ve found that taking a higher dosage in the morning helps a lot more and then you don’t need to take as much at night.

  • What is IGF-1 ? And does your product contain HGH ?

  • I always suggest following the dosage instructions on the bottle. That’s the best way to know that you’re taking the supplement the way the original creators intended.

  • I tried taking antler velvet at a few different times of the day and for me it seems to work best when I take two droppers in the morning and then I only take one at night time. Here’s my science behind it. During the day, you’re more active so you have to have more IGF-1 in your system as your metabolism is more active. Then at night time your metabolism slows down, so you only need about half of the IGF-1 dosage to help you recover.

    It works like a charm for me. Take a higher dosage in the morning and then you only need a little bit at night time.

    Robert TK

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