Learn why and how Immune support supplements peaked in interest during the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact of Pure Velvet Deer Antler Velvet

Pure Velvet Sees Immunity Support Interest Surge During Covid Crisis

Google Shopping and Google trends allows us to see when certain topics are surging in interest. Pure Velvet is sharing their interesting findings after noticing an uptick in search volume for immune support supplements.
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Immune support supplements peaked in interest during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Covid crisis brought immunity support to a heightened level that has never been experienced in the modern age.

As the Covid crisis peaked in growth and became a worldwide pandemic, search volume surged for immunity support related terms as people sought to defend against the terrible virus.

Since our Deer Antler Velvet product frequently shows up in Google Shopping results for "immune support" and "immune system supplements" - we experienced an increase in traffic to our site as a result. 

Google Trends Shows Spike in Immune Support Supplements

Google Trends is one of the most simple, yet interesting tools available online. Shown below is a trend graph of search interest in "immunity support" and "immune support supplements" - both of which surged in activity as the Coronavirus spread.

Immune Support Supplement Interest across the USA

Google Trends also shows which states within the US have the highest interest in the Coronavirus and immune support supplements. If you look at the heatmap below, you'll see that New Jersey, Washington, and New York had the highest interest, respectively. The next highest interest came from Texas and California.

Map of where immune support vitamin searches have surged in the USA

But isn't that because those states have higher populations? No, Google Trends takes population into account when determining their trending data. It's likely that these areas had the highest interest in building support for their immune systems because they were hit the hardest by the Covid-19 virus.

Health Benefits change in importance

Isn't it funny how priorities change when we're faced with a pandemic? Maslow's hierarchy of needs truly come into effect when it comes to focus on building muscle and looking good compared to staying healthy. In there chart below, you can see that right as "immune support supplements" surged, the volume for "gain muscle" significantly decreased. This is a clear sign that the idea of "health benefits" shifted from aesthetic to survival.

The point of this article is to share our interesting findings surrounding immune support supplements and how the interest in these products has surged as a result of the Covid pandemic. No one should be relying on any type of dietary supplement for protection or treatment of the Covid-19 virus, or any virus for that matter.

While other companies have started bidding on these keywords or tailoring advertisements toward those searching for immune support supplements, we feel this is an irresponsible approach - as anyone who has symptoms of Covid-19 should seek professional medical attention.

Take some type and check out Google Trends - let us know if you find anything interesting.  

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