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Top Deer Antler Velvet Health Benefits for Men

Men makeup nearly 75% of our deer antler velvet customers. Far more than women, males seek out deer velvet supplements to help improve their health. But why?

What makes men purchase more deer antler velvet from our store than women? What makes them not only more likely to buy antler velvet, but they also are 8x more likely to purchase our best deer antler velvet product - our Elite Antler extract?

We think the core reason that men tend to gravitate toward taking deer antler velvet over women is due to its ties to claims that it increases testosterone levels in the body. While healthy levels of testosterone are important for both males and females, men place special importance on having high testosterone in an effort to maximize their male-ness.

The most popular health benefits that result in men taking deer antler velvet are related to testosterone level support in the body.

We asked our customer service team to survey those who call in to order deer antler velvet or to ask questions about our product. We wanted to know the most popular reasons that our customers take deer antler velvet. Similar to many Chinese herbs, Deer antler velvet is said to have a vast amount of amazing health benefits, but we wanted to know which ones were the most appealing to our audience. Since 75% of our customers are males, we especially clued in on the reasons that men seek out our extracts.

Here are the most common health benefits that lead our male customers to take deer antler velvet: 

  1. Support muscle recovery*
    This was a very popular reason, especially for men who were over the age of 35, and found themselves having trouble keeping up with their younger gym habits. The polled group mentioned that the main reason they take deer antler velvet is because they feel it helps them recover from hard work at the gym faster. Muscle soreness can be tied to low testosterone levels, which is likely why some of our customers have been experiencing more soreness as they age.
  2. Strength and weightlifting performance*
    Similar to the above reason, many of our customers mentioned that they feel deer antler velvet gives them an edge in the gym. More than a few of our customers are into bodybuilding and extreme weight lifting. These customers are passionate about seeking out every legal option that may help increase their testosterone levels to help them build muscle faster. Many bodybuilders (rightly so) try to avoid taking steroids and look to find alternatives that might help them support testosterone without the cons of injecting steroids. Many of our male customers mentioned this as a core benefit that led them to buy deer antler velvet.
  3. Sex drive (Libido)*
    This is especially popular with our older male customers, who feel as if they've lost their youthful virility. This is the #1 benefit sought after from those who are specifically taking our Elite Antler Extract.

    Our strongest concentration of deer antler velvet, our Elite product also contains 25mg of Tribulus extract. Similar to deer antler velvet, Tribulus is claimed to have the ability to boost male libido. Pairing the two supplements together into one super-supplement only made sense.

As mentioned, most of these benefits have to do with those tied to the potential to increase natural levels of testosterone in the male body. To better understand the benefits of increased testosterone, we recommend watching the video off of Youtube which covers the benefits of increased testosterone at a high level.


While there are many other health benefits sought after by those taking deer antler velvet drops, we found the above 3 enhancements to be the most popular among our male customers. That said, we are always looking to learn more about why people take deer antler velvet, so that we can better understand our customers. If you have any feedback on why you take Pure Velvet Extracts, please leave us a comment below.


  • I started taking deer antler velvet some time ago and I have seen an incredible difference in the way I feel and how my body reacts now. I’m an avid weight lifter and after taking this it has seemed to help me recover quicker than I used to and increase my tolerance.

  • I have been trying to get my husband to try this supplement out for some time because he has been having a lot of health problems and this would help almost every single one of them. I’m going to show him this article because you outline the benefits so well.

  • I would imagine that it’s mostly men who take deer antler velvet to try increasing testosterone. I’m not sure if the increase in IGF-1 growth factors necessarily increased testosterone levels or not, but seems like that’s what everyone in the supplement world is looking for. I feel like everyone wants to take steroids without actually taking steroids.


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