A man holds deer antler velvet drops under his tongue. Learn why

Do You Have to Hold Deer Antler Velvet Under Your Tongue for 60 Seconds?

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Most questions about deer antler velvet have to do with dosage levels and instructions on how to consume the supplement. The other day, we received a unique question from a customer regarding the need to hold the liquid extract under your tongue.

Dosage question from our customer

"Hey i just had to ask if i absolutely need to hold it under my tongue for 60 seconds. I tried a couple times but tastes too bad so i had to swallow it. Let me know any info! Thanks high hopes for this product and company!"
- Joe

Background on holding deer velvet under your tongue

A man takes deer antler velvet by inserting liquid drops under his tongue.

Whenever you buy one of our deer antler velvet supplements, you'll receive a package with instructions on how to take it. Within the dosage instructions, we suggest holding the liquid extract under your tongue for 60 to 80 seconds. The reason we instruct you do this is to maximize the absorption of the deer antler velvet. 

We understand why someone would be keen on skipping this step in the process, because pure form deer antler velvet tastes pretty bad. We've received negative reviews in the past for our supplement's bitter taste - but as one reviewer mentioned "that's not why we're here." The purpose of taking deer antler velvet is not to enjoy the taste, it's to unlock the numerous health benefits.

The Answer: Yes, you can shorten the 60 second recommendation, but...

Especially when dealing with health and fitness supplements, no answer is simple. You can shorten the time that you hold the deer antler velvet under your tongue, and it should still promote the typical health benefits. That said, to maximize the impact of taking deer antler velvet, we recommend enduring the bad taste for the fully recommended timeframe. 

We take deer antler velvet too. We also think it tastes terrible. The best approach, unless you feel something is wrong with the substance (in which case, you should definitely spit it out), is to hold it under your tongue for the fully recommended time. Or, at least try to make it past 30 seconds. Put your mind in a happy place and think about the health benefits of taking deer antler velvet that make it worth the poor taste.


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