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Get a Free Live Deer with Order of Deer Antler Velvet

Pure Velvet Extracts is pleased to announce a one day promotional offer, where every bottle of Deer Antler Velvet purchased will come with a free pet Deer!

What better way to welcome the health benefits of taking deer antler velvet than to have your very own wild deer? For today only, now you can! In the future, you can harvest your own deer antler velvet by taking care of and eventually extracting the velvet from your pet deer. 

How does my deer ship?

Great question. Your deer will ship for free with your order. It will arrive in a wildlife crate that will be labeled "Live Animal." We ask that you coordinate with your local delivery man to ensure you are home when your deer arrives.

Requirements to receive my free deer. There are very minimal requirements for receiving your free deer. All you have to do is input the coupon code PETDEER and your deer will be added to your order. We ask that you ensure your living area is at least 800 square feet to allow your deer adequate space to move about.

Top reasons to own a pet deer:

  • They're fun, playful animals
  • They love cuddling up to movies
  • You can take them for a run with you and they will run slower so you don't feel bad about yourself
  • It's a true character builder, Your friends will be in awe.
  • Seriously, everyone has a dog, who has a deer?

What are the terms of this deer antler velvet promotion? This promotion is valid for April Fools only. Others, will instead receive 15% off + free shipping on their deer antler velvet orders. Have a great day!

 Happy April Fools day from Pure Velvet Extracts


  • 🦌 😳😂🤣

    Kelli levine
  • Yikes.. I was actually about to call you guys to make sure that my deer antler velvet order did not come with a free deer – as I have nowhere to keep it. Then I read to the bottom of the article. I have no idea how I fell for this one. Well done and happy April fools.


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