picture of Pure Velvet's Ultra concentrated deer antler velvet extract for health and wellness

Why our Deer Antler Velvet is Ultra-Concentrated

We offer the highest concentration of pure deer antler velvet available. Learn why we decided to make our product so highly concentrated. Here's a hint: it has to do with the way deer velvet extract tastes.

If you've been shopping around for deer antler velvet supplements, then you've likely noticed that our extracts have the strongest dosage of pure deer antler velvet. While we could have easily decided to dilute our ingredients to and package it into a large bottle, we made a purposeful decision to keep our product highly concentrated with pure antler velvet.

Picture of our ultra concentrated deer antler velvet

But why? Surprisingly, this decision had nothing to do with being able to hold bragging rights for offering the strongest deer antler velvet product on the market. Instead, we made our product highly concentrated to make is easier to consume the product. 

The answer: It's all about the taste. You'll know you're consuming pure deer antler velvet if it tastes bad. We might be one of the few brands in the world that is so transparent with our consumers that we outright boast that our product has a bad taste.

We make our deer antler velvet extracts ultra concentrated in order to reduce the amount of DAV you need to put under your tongue.

Our product is only offered in liquid dropper form, as this allows the maximum absorption rate. To take our product, you use a liquid dropper to suck up the antler velvet from the bottle, and then squeeze the drops out under your tongue.

Our highly concentrated extract allows you to get the right dosage of deer antler velvet with only 2/3 of a dropper. Meanwhile, many of our customers decide to split their deer velvet dosage in half, taking 1/3 dropper in the morning and 1/3 of a dropper in the evening. This is highly advantageous compared to competitors, who typically require one or two full droppers as one serving. 

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