Guide to learn the complete history of deer antler velvet with chinese medicine

Complete History of Deer Antler Velvet & Chinese Medicine

Learn the complete history of deer antler velvet as it relates to ancient Chinese medicine. Deer Velvet has been around for longer than most supplements that you will see on the market today. See why it's been successful for thousands of years and how the Ray Rice debacle changed the supplement category.
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For a long time now, many communities and cultures have been using Deer Antler Velvet to supplement their dietary needs and assist with their hormonal balance. The most known, documented, traditional application of deer antler velvet that is from Far East and China. For more than twenty years now, various communities in Asia have been using deer antler as the heart of their ancient herbal routine. The first use of deer antler velvet recorded was found in silk scrolls that were unearthed in a tomb approximately 2000 years ago. The scroll described the preparation and applications of deer antler velvet such as to increase energy levels, vitality, and stamina. Since then, the supplement has been a big part of Traditional Chinese culture.

Ancient chinese medicine expert sits with a bottle of pure deer antler velvet.

Human beings have been using deer antler velvet as a nutritional supplement for years. All male deer can produce velvet on their growing antlers. The deer have been producing velvet to stimulate growth new of antlers. The bucks are known for shedding off their antler after every year, and new ones grow. It was discovered that the bucks grow a furry, velvet-looking covering that is commonly associated with the term, “deer antler velvet.” The covering becomes the source of nutrients for the growing antlers during the pre-calcification stage. 

According to the documentation in the silk scroll, the deer antler velvet was believed to be very powerful since it came from a rapidly growing antler that rejuvenated every year. The ancient discoverers believed that antlers were full of nutrients, living tissues, and growth factors during their regeneration stage. The old medicine discoverers were right. The velvet worked perfectly well. 

The velvet from deer antlers is also recorded to have been featured in the chief authority in a medical document of Chinese Pharmacology of the 16th century called the Pen Ts’ao Kang Mu. The documentary is said to contain a list of various antler preparation methods in the form of pills, powder, ointments, tinctures, and extracts. Even today, deer antler velvet is used by Chinese chemists and the larger part of Asia for various reasons. 

In modern times, the trade of the deer antler velvet has spread to various places across the globe such as North America, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and Asia. The application of the supplement is now witnessed in almost all places across the world. The United States has recorded great use of the substance over the past few years. Deer antler velvet is being used as an ingredient in the creation of various bodybuilding and anti-aging supplements. While the taste of this supplement is not the greatest, it still is one of the longest standing dietary supplements available in modern supplement stores. 

The Traditional Chinese Medicine is controlled by the principal of natural supplementation factors to enable the body to restore its natural balance and allow the body standard defense mechanism to cause healing on its own. This is to ensure that the body is in a position to restore and maintain normal energy emphasizing on the functional and organic relationship between the health of every part of the body and the entire body. It is a holistic strategy to body health. 

As a result of the holistic approach of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, deer antler velvet has been thought of as a household staple when it comes to supplementation. For centuries, the supplement has been used to help support thte general restoration of body balance, help enhance overall body wellness and help improve body strength. A practitioner who is well versed with the Traditional Chinese Medicine principals prescribes the velvet supplement traditionally. They normally cut thin slices from a dried deer antler velvet and combine them with slices of other traditional medicinal products. 

Various research studies are connected to velvet antler reported by multiple scientific studies. However, the documents produced in Asia were not dependent on those scientific reports that are needed by the Western Medicine. At the same time, some of the Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts, such as happiness and overall well-being cannot be measured easily by the Western Medicine. 

Basing on the recent studies concerning deer antler velvet, some functions of antler velvet have been proven, but the investigation is not yet complete. Importantly, the Traditional Chinese Medicine does not encourage the application of the deer antler velvet to uses that one is not informed of or any of its other therapies. 

Possibly the most significant use of deer antler velvet lies in its ability to potentially enhance muscle growth and also reduce the time taken to help recover from physical activity. As a result of high concentration of IGF-1 in antler velvet, the supplement is popularly used by athletes, people battling the aging process, as well as bodybuilders. 

Former linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis, was reported to have used antler velvet in 2013 to help in the recovery of triceps tendon that was torn. Ray Lewis is not the only one who has ever been linked with the use of the deer antler velvet. There are various cases of athletes using the product to enhance output in various physical competitions. Concurring with a business article cited by Draxe, 20% to 40% of NFL and MLB athletes confessed that they buy and apply deer antler velvet to improve muscle mass and enhance physical endurance during physical exercise. 

The Ray Lewis fiasco significantly increased awareness and interest in deer antler velvet across the United States. While this could be thought of as great for the category, it was actually a negative for those who buy and sell deer antler velvet. With the heightened awareness of this lesser known supplement, many charlatans entered the market to make a quick buck. This created a saturation of the market as many competitors joined, watered down the product, and sold it for extremely discounted prices. This change took advantage of the mass consumer's lack of research and drove many pure deer antler velvet suppliers out of business. This is why it's more improtant than ever to ensure you're buying pure antler extract, as opposed to a proprietary blend that will likely contain useless ingredients that are cheaper to harvest.

The purpose of this article is to help the reader to get the historical development of deer antler velvet. The article has traced the history of the substance right from the earliest documented record of the preparation, usage, and improvement of the deer antler velvet. You should note that the article refers to the as an antler in the growth state. That said, deer antler velvet is often associated with the furry, soft tissue that develops on the deer antlers before they calcify and harden. The tissue is said to contain proven substances that enhance growth and energy increment in the human body. However, the article recommends that one should conduct proper research before engaging in the usage of the substance.


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