Order Deer Antler Velvet with 5% off for Cinco De Mayo

Limited Time 5% Off Coupon Code for Cinco De Mayo

New Pure Velvet Extracts coupon code for Cinco de Mayo. Active now, this coupon expires at midnight on May 5, 2018. Now you can get 5% off our already discounted deer antler velvet supplements. Also, learn how deer antler velvet is actually relevant to the Mexican holiday.
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Coupon code for Cinco de Mayo

Who doesn't love celebrating Cinco De Mayo? Well, it's actually not that big of a celebration in Mexico, but that doesn't stop us from being festive in the USA. So in honor of one of our favorite holidays here at Pure Velvet, we've created a new coupon code to give you a little extra discount off of your order.

Enter this promo code at checkout for 5% off: CincoDeMayo
Or, you can visit this link to activate the coupon

I know, we really were not original when creating this coupon code, but to be festive and align with the holiday we went with 5% off. We promise, if it was Veinte de Mayo, we'd have a 20% off coupon code, but we had to stick to the theme of 5. 

That said, this discount is applied on top of our current 30% off promotion, so now is a great time to buy. This code is eligible starting immediately and up until Midnight on May 5th 2018.

So, how does Cinco de Mayo relate to antler velvet supplements? There's surprisingly a few ways.

    • Triple G and Canelo Clenbuterol scandalBoxing - Cinco de Mayo is a huge holiday for boxing fans. There is almost always a big fight on the weekend of Cinco de Mayo. This year, it was supposed to be GGG vs Canelo Rematch, which all fight fans were looking forward to seeing, but instead Canelo ruined it. That said, unlike Clenbuterol, pure Deer Antler Velvet is not a banned substance.

      Being a boxer myself, I come across many in the boxing community that take the supplement. There are several at my boxing gym who I'm happy to have as regular customers (until I'm sparring with them). Boxing is a sport that requires elite physical conditioning and 12 rounds of peak performance. This is the type of athletic performance that deer antler velvet was designed for.

    • Beach season is right around the corner - May is that month where reality sets in that it's almost time to wear way less clothing and show off our bodies at the pool or beach. If you've just started getting back in shape, antler velvet can prove vital at helping with those recover times. If you've been working hard all winter, antler velvet can help give you an edge in your performance to keep the strength gains coming.

    • Hangover helper - To be clear, there have been no studies on deer antler velvet helping with hangovers, but that doesn't stop many of our customers from claiming they feel it helps. Several have claimed that taking deer antler velvet before they go to bed after drinking and immediately in the morning after has helped them with their hangover struggles.

      We don't really recommend drinking heavy if your health is important to you, but if you get extra festive on Cinco de Mayo, then it's possible some antler velvet could help. As always, we remind you to consult with a licensed physician before taking antler velvet.

As a reminder, this coupon code will work on top of the current 30% off promotion that we have running. More importantly, this code expires on May 5 2018, so don't miss out. 



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