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Reasons Deer Antler Velvet Doesn't Work *

As with all supplements, many people question whether deer antler velvet works or not. We produce and sell deer antler velvet, so obviously we feel that it delivers on the many health benefits. If we didn't, then we wouldn't dedicate our lives to standing behind the health supplement.

Picture of a frustrated man when deer antler velvet doesn't work for him.That said, we can confirm that Deer Antler Velvet doesn't work for some people. There are people who buy deer antler velvet and never see positive results from taking it. We don't want that same outcome for our customers, so we've outlined why deer antler velvet doesn't work sometimes, and what you can do to avoid the negative outcome.

To be clear. We strongly believe that deer antler velvet works, when taken the right way, in pure form, does work.

Why doesn't deer antler velvet work?*

To be clear, we strongly believe that deer antler velvet does help with the many health benefits that people claim. But there are several mistakes that can result in diminishing the benefits of deer velvet supplements.

  • Not taking antler velvet routinely: We also stress that it's important to incorporate taking deer antler velvet into your routine. While dosage recommendations will vary per person, if you only take antler velvet at random times of the year, it will not have lasting health benefits beyond those random days. We always recommend checking with your physician to find out what dosage and consumption routine is healthy for you.
  • Taking proprietary blends won't work: Many deer antler supplement brands claim to have a proprietary blend or formula. There are two consistent things with these so called proprietary blends - they all have a minimal amount of deer antler velvet, and they all don't work. The proprietary blends are a way to hide that they're barely using any deer antler velvet. Pure form extract is expensive, so they're able to sell cut costs and make the same claims. 
  • Taking Synthetic IGF-1 may not be safe: Another common sales pitch you'll find online is companies selling pure IGF-1. This not only doesn't work, but it's unsafe as it can result in a hormone imbalance once you stop taking it. Brands that claim to have an exact level of IGF-1 are also likely using synthetics, as there is no way precisely measure IGF-1 levels in pure deer velvet.
  • Living an unhealthy lifestyle will negate the health benefits: As much as we personally feel antler velvet is a miracle supplement, it's not magic. If you're taking deer antler velvet to improve muscle mass, but you're not lifting weights, it's not going to work. If you're taking antler velvet for the anti-aging benefits, but you're also drinking alcohol and laying in the sun all day, the benefits will be diminished.
  • Taking pills or capsules don't work: Some brands sell DAV in capsules or pill form. The reason we don't is because taking antler velvet in pill or capsule form won't maximize how much of the growth factors you absorb. If you're not maximizing the growth factors absorption, then you likely won't unlock all of the health benefits.
  • Not taking it long enough: Sometimes, depending on your goal, you need to take deer antler velvet for a long enough period to notice its progress. Full results are typically experienced within 30 - 90 days. Make sure you are patient before you give up taking it.

While there are many studies that show that deer antler velvet works for some people, there will always be those that do not see the same results. Often times, if you get talking to someone who is disappointed in his or her results, you will find that one of the above reasons comes out in their story. Taking proper, pure form antler velvet is an investment in yourself. Getting results is not cheap and miracles will not occur.

If you want to get the best results from taking the supplement, make sure you are taking it in pure form, proper dosage, and that you're also living a healthy lifestyle.

We want to hear from you. Have you found antler extract works or not? If it hasn't worked for you, have you been able to figure out why? Leave a comment below.


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  • I tried a pure IGF-1 spray before and found that it did not work. I hope what you’re saying about synthetic IGF-1 causing reliance on continued usage doesn’t always happen. I only took it for like 2 weeks, but I would hate to have to keep taking that junk.


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