benefits of natural lu rong supplement and acupuncture for health and wellness

Lu Rong Supplement & Acupuncture

For years, lu rong (also known as deer velvet) has been the preferred supplement to pair with Acupuncture therapy.

While often categorized as an herbal supplement, lu rong is actually not derived from herbs. Rather, it is naturally extracted from deer antlers while in the velvet stage of antler growth.

Many acupuncture therapists take deer antler velvet and recommend it to their clients.

Health Benefits of lu rong (deer antler velvet):

  • Increased vitality*
  • Supports healthy aging*
  • Natural rejuvenation*
  • Strength Boost*
  • Immune support*
  • Increased endurance*

These health benefits of lu rong make it a perfect match for people who do acupuncture therapy or enjoy taking herbal medicines (to be clear, lu rong is not an herbal medicine). 

Where can I buy lu rong?

Lu rong is often available for purchase in Chinese Herbal shops, as deer velvet usage originated in the Chinese herbal culture. However, many local Chinese medicine stores sell lu rong in forms that still need to be ground and/or liquified before using. That's why it's best to buy lu rong from a brand that sells lu rong in a usable form. 

That's where Pure Velvet Extracts comes into play. We have the highest 80:1 extract ratio and the strongest form of pure deer antler velvet. All orders ship for free with a 100% money back guarantee. 

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