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Sell Deer Antler Velvet

Are you looking to make money selling deer antler velvet? We can help by setting up a win-win relationship between you and us. After hearing strong feedback from our customers that many are interested in selling our product, we have decided to provide some options to allow you to do so.

Sell deer antler velvet for profit

We're personally excited and flattered that our customers believe in our product so much that they have an interest in selling the product themselves. While we've setup several partnerships with different fitness and health professionals across the US to have them resell our product, we have never offered the opportunity broadly to our customers. 

Finally, we've decided to setup several ways that you can now sell Pure Velvet Extracts. 

Why sell deer antler velvet?

As consumers are getting smarter, they're realizing that the only deer antler velvet that works is pure form liquid drops. Therefore, they're no longer purchasing the cheap $40 bottles of diluted antler velvet or synthetic IGF-1. They are buying the high priced, real pure stuff.

Gym owner? Click here to see why every health club owner should sell deer antler velvet at their club.

Harvesting deer velvet in pure form requires a very large upfront investment, so there are only a few companies setup to do this and remain profitable. We've optimized our Farm to Bottle process to ensure profitability, which allows us to share profits with resellers. We do this by selling in bulk for deeply discounted prices where we make slim profits or by allowing people to sell our product and earn a commission on each sale. 

Here's why selling Pure Velvet Extracts is so easy

  1. It works. In a world where most supplements don't deliver on results, this is one that truly delivers amazing benefits. Our large base of regular customers can be viewed as proof that deer antler velvet delivers on the health benefits it promises.
  2. Repeat customers. The fact that it works means that you will always have a regular set of repeat customers. 
  3. No competition. Since producing pure deer antler velvet is such a difficult, expensive task, there are no competitive threats. If you were selling a protein supplement, you'd have tons of competition. We're the only ones selling high purity deer antler velvet with an 80:1 extract ratio. Once your customers try it and love it, there's nowhere else for them to find a similar product.
  4. Easy passive income. Combine all of the above and this is an easy way to set yourself up with easy passive income through having regular monthly customers.
  5. We set you up for success. Whether you decide to sell Pure Velvet on your website, to your friends, or to your current clients, we are here to help you setup a successful retail business. From fulfillment, to marketing guides, to branding material, we set you up for success.

Who are perfect candidates to sell deer antler velvet?

To date, we've been working with several different partnerships that have all of them have been successful (fingers crossed). Currently, we provide wholesale rates to several licensed physicians, nutritionists, and personal trainers who then resell to their clients. We're proud that we have professionals in the industry enthusiastically backing our product. If you're in one of these professions, we highly recommend selling deer velvet sprays for passive income, as it can easily transition into a profitable business. 

Professionals in the best situation to sell deer velvet supplements

  • Gym owners - If you own or manage a gym, you have an easy way to take advantage of your gym's daily foot traffic by displaying Pure Velvet's bottles and retail display as people walk through the door. Our professional packaging is sure to be an easy sell for those who are serious about their body's physique. 
  • Personal Trainers - We've setup several successful partnerships with personal trainers. Part of being a personal trainer is identifying new opportunities for your clients to get an edge on achieving their fitness goals. Recommending our deer antler velvet product to your clients is an easy way to set yourself up for a regular monthly passive income.
  • Nutritionists - Similar to personal trainers, clients rely on nutritionists to recommend the right food and supplements to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Nutritionists are setup in a great position to recommend our deer antler velvet product to their clients.
  • Physicians - There are numerous medical practices across the US that not only stand behind deer antler velvet, but also sell it at their practice. Putting Pure Velvet Extracts on display at your office is a great way to generate regular sales from your patients. 
  • Bloggers, Affiliate advertisers & Influencers - Selling deer antler velvet is a great option for those who are interested in generating passive income online. If you are a successful blogger, we recommend joining our affiliate program or working out a custom commission deal with us that will allow you to earn money for each sale you refer to us. We even set it up where you get lifetime customers and continue to earn commissions as your referrals order more product in the future.

How can you start selling today?

The best time to start selling deer antler velvet was years ago. The next best time to start is today. If you're interested in selling Pure Velvet Extracts, please contact us today and let us know more background on how you intend to distribute. From there, we can provide you with wholesale rates or set you up with our commissioned affiliate program.

Overview of how you can partner with Pure Velvet Extracts to start selling:

  • Order at wholesale prices, sell at retail: This is currently the most common way that we partner with others to sell our product. Once you contact us and provide additional information on how you intend to sell antler velvet, we can provide you with customized wholesale pricing based on your expected volume. From there, we will work with you in any way needed to ensure your business is successful.
    Contact us today to get started!
  • Become a brand Affiliate: We've recently decided to setup an affiliate program to broaden our brand's reach. If you have a website or social media channel that you feel will be able to sell our product, we're wiling to offer you a healthy commission. Imagine earning $30 per sale you generate? Our frequency of repeat customers can grow to an early retirement for successful affiliate marketers. Please note that we only work with a small, carefully screened set of affiliates.
    If you're interested in our affiliate program, contact us today!

Contact us below to get started 

We want to know your thoughts on the opportunity to sell deer antler velvet. Provide any feedback below in the comments.


  • Well I’m a league bowler and a lot of my teammates and other people in our league are always looking for a new Edge and I know this would be great for this business because it would give us a edge and my clientele extends between here and a couple of counties so I would have a lot of different people that I would be able to sell this product to which I know would benefit from young to old

    Juan Ferrer
  • If you’re a personal trainer, I definitely recommend selling supplements like deer antler velvet to your clients. I was a PT for over 8 years until recently, and my clients would look to me for advice on everything. I sold them their daily vitamins, protein, and more. It’s a great way to supplement your income as a personal trainer, which sometimes could really use a boost. If I was still training clients, I’d signup to be a reseller, but I have since retired from training.

    Marshall M.

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