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Sales Surge for Deer Antler Velvet Pre-Memorial Day Weekend

Bottles of deer antler velvet are surfing to high sales in the Summer season

Deer Antler Velvet sales are on the rise as we approach the warm Summer months, where people are wearing less and becoming more active. In the weeks leading up to Memorial Day weekend, sales of Deer Velvet sprays (or liquid drops) have surged to the point where our next day shipping is now taking 2 to 3 days longer (only temporary). 

Even when we posted a notice that our Premium Antler supplement was on a slight shipping delay, the orders have kept pouring in. This increased activity has us excited for two reasons.

1. The word is spreading about the amazing health benefits of deer antler velvet

People are discovering how pure deer antler velvet is truly a superfood that should be more widely distributed. We've always wondered why deer sprays have never become a mainstream nutrition supplement considering the amazing health benefits it's known to provide.

There are doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, and more professionals who all stand by deer antler velvet as a product that people of all activity levels should incorporate into their lifestyle in to some degree. Yet it's rare to see it on the shelves of your local vitamin shop or health food store. Whenever we see a year over year growth trend, we optimistically view it as an increase in awareness for the superfood that we sell.

2. We're glad people are placing more importance on living a healthy lifestyle

When sales for health and fitness products increase, it can sometimes be viewed as a sign of people prioritizing their health over other things. Things like going to the movies and stuffing your face with handfuls of movie theater popcorn (I'm craving it now that I typed this). Not that we shouldn't indulge in these vices from time to time, but we always know deep down that our time and money is better spent treating our body as a temple (cliche, I know).

With our recent sales spike, we see this as a growing number of people who are focused on living a healthy, natural lifestyle - which is something we fanatically support. 

For those who are simply looking to buy deer velvet, we still have product available and we are shipping it out as fast as we can. You can feel confident placing your order and as always, we ship priority mail for free.

For those who are health professionals, own a gym, or own a vitamin store, this is a great opportunity to consider selling deer antler velvet to your clients or customers. We recently made the decision to expand our distribution of Pure Velvet Extracts and we're accepting affiliate applications for online retailers. We also have wholesale prices available for those who have a bricks and mortar business. Email us ( or call us at 866-484-7440 for more information on how to start selling Pure Velvet.

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Are more people finding out about DAV? Do you think Americans are starting to prioritize their health more than they have in the past? Leave us a comment below.


  • Hey Rosetta.. I’ve been taking deer antler velvet for years, and consider myself an expert on the subject, so I may be able to help you out here with some advice. I also have my 11 year old French Bulldog taking antler velvet. My thought is that the 91 year old should take the Premium. All of the Pure Velvet’s seem to be very highly concentrated forms of deer velvet spray, so the Premium should be strong enough for him. I would avoid the Elite (this is what I take) at his age just because I’m not sure if he’d want the added Tribulus that it comes with.

    For the dog, I recommend going with the Classic. Again, Pure Velvet has strong dosages and for a pup, the Classic Antler should be the perfect level for your pet.

    Given the age of both, I recommend consulting with a doctor and veterinarian before having either of them start taking it.

  • You have 3 products. What do I need?
    For 12 year old sheltie dog arthritis ?
    91 year old male. Lewy Body Dementia?
    (Needs help with uncontrollable muscle reflexing when wanting to go to sleep)
    Only taking Norco twice a day at this time. Other drugs for prostate
    Do not want posted.


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