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Things to Consider Before you Buy Deer Antler Velvet on AliExpress

Ordering deer velvet supplements on Ali Express

Thinking about buying deer antler velvet supplements on Ali Express? We recommend that you 2nd guess that thought and reconsider.

Ali Express is a great retailer that has an endless selection of products you can purchase on their online retail store. The retailer even has a vast array of nutrition supplements you can purchase at a very low price. Personally, I've actually bought some protein supplements from Ali Express a few months ago and I was happy with my purchase. I received free shipping, which is always awesome, and I purchased it at a the best price. 

So why don't we recommend buying deer antler velvet on AliExpress? There are a few reasons we'd recommend against ordering antler velvet supplements on AliExpress.

  1. None of the deer antler supplements listed come in the form of liquid. Liquid form is the best way to take deer antler velvet. If you take antler velvet in capsule, powder, or any other form, it will not be fully absorbed into the body and you won't be able to unlock all of the health benefits of deer velvet. 
  2. All of the products offered have a low antler velvet extract ratio. The largest extract ratio we were able to find when looking through their antler supplement listings was a 20:1. That is 1/4th of our 80:1 extraction ratio at Pure Velvet.
  3. Lack of authenticity. While the supplements listed on AliExpress have very intriguing pricing, we've found that this low price comes at quite the cost. Most likely, the antler velvet supplements they are selling are not 100% pure antler velvet. If you're not purchasing pure antler velvet, then you're only actually getting a fraction of what you think you're paying for. This is also why we recommend avoiding brands that sell Antler Velvet on Amazon.
  4. We have concerns about fair harvesting of deer antler velvet. While our deer enjoy free range care with veterinarian supervision, it's likely that these extremely low priced Ali Express brands aren't taking those types of extra measures to ensure a safe deer antler velvet harvesting process. We all have different levels of concern for animals, but I'd say the majority hope for a safe harvesting process for the deer and would want them living happy, healthy lives. 

Before you to purchase deer antler velvet, we highly recommend you look through our antler velvet buying guide.

Is this an absolute answer that you should not buy antler velvet from Ali Express? No, you may be able to find a quality brand there. We're just saying that based on our analysis of the current deer antler velvet supplements for sale online at Ali Express, we would recommend you do some thorough research before buying.


  • Same reason I won’t buy any of that New Zealand red antler velvet stuff. When you get antler velvet shipped from another country it’s garbage.

    Craig Bevs
  • I bought an HGH supplement on Ali Express and it was the worst. To start, they took almost a month to ship it to me. When I received it, the packaging was terrible. It seemed like someone found an old supplement in their drawer and threw it in a bag and mailed it. I would not recommend ordering any nutrition supplements off of Ali express.


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