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No one likes to buy something and then have to pay to have it shipped to them. Especially when it's an expensive supplement, like pure deer antler velvet, adding on that additional shipping expense can be painful to your wallet. This is probably why some people say that you should always be able to get free shipping.

When you buy deer antler velvet from us, you will never have to pay for shipping. We personally hate shipping fees, so we're making sure our customers don't have to pay them. 

Do other brands sell deer antler velvet with free shipping?

When you buy deer antler sprays from other brands, you will typically have to pay for shipping. Even the few we've found that have free shipping options typically require you to purchase a certain number of items or have a minimum price that needs to be reached. In our opinion, this can be unfair as it encourages you to purchase more than you would typically want to.

Deer antler velvet is something that is typically bought monthly because it is supposed to be taken daily and the typical bottle contains roughly a 30 day supply. We find that some customers do purchase several deer sprays at once, especially during our promotional sales periods, but most prefer to buy it on a monthly basis. Why? Because most people don't want to keep inventory sitting around in their house and it's better to purchase then it's fresh from our supply.

What if I buy Antler Velvet on Amazon?

Amazon is the greatest retailer in the world. We love buying from Amazon and wish our customers were able to buy antler velvet from us by way of the ecommerce giant. However, due to Deer Antler Velvet's ability to increase growth factors in the body, Amazon does not allow you to order pure antler velvet supplements from their online store. So even if you're a Prime member, I'm afraid you still can't buy deer antler velvet products on Amazon.


  • It’s shocking that any company charges for shipping nowadays. If I purchase something from your store, I bought that product. It’s up to you, who does not have a bricks and mortar storefront, to then send me the product. Amazon is a very successful company for a reason. They ship their products free within a few days. I agree with the author in that it is quite unfortunate you cannot order deer antler velvet on Amazon.

    Karla Foles
  • I came across this because I bought something on Amazon that claimed to be deer antler velvet extract and while it was shipped for free, it was not in fact pure deer velvet. Maybe a trace of antler velvet, but nothing that was of use for me. They had free shipping but not on returns and it doesn’t seem worth the hassle just to get some money back so I threw this one in the trash. I’ll look into your antler velvet drops and see if it’s worthwhile.

  • Look I can tell you guys that I would not buy from you if you did charge for shipping. I’ve ordered your deer antler velvet 2 straight months. Been taking it every day as directed. Please do not change the shipping policy. I honestly can’t stand shipping fees and will absolutely go elsewhere.

    Matty Ice

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