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Why do Men's Testosterone levels drop during the winter?

Testosterone levels drop during the winter

Hormones are pretty fascinating. They play such a significant role in how our body and mind function. And while it's pretty well known that as we age, men's testosterone levels drop, not many are aware these levels fluctuate during the seasons as well.

Similar to deer, our hormone levels are affected by the amount of sunlight we get during the day. Less sunlight means lower testosterone levels.

The bad news is, we've just entered into those shorter days. The good news is, once we're back in the sun that testosterone will be back in full swing (although slightly lower as years go by).

We see this seasonal testosterone boost occur to an extreme level when deer are "in velvet." Deer Antler growth during the summer months is the fastest growing mammal tissue on earth. Why? because the hormonal process during velvet stage takes this seasonal testosterone boost to a whole new level.

Harnessing the power of this process is what makes pure form deer antler velvet so amazing. It's why we, and our loyal following, swear by it (only in pure form).

This is why I personally take Premium for the sunnier half of the year, but move up to Elite Antler during the Winter months.

So as we enter these winter months - make sure you get out during the middle of the day when there's still some sunlight. And if you haven't yet, be sure to supplement that process with our Deer Antler Velvet.

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  • Testosterone levels are no longer a lost cause. There are lots of modern day testosterone tests that can provide your hormone levels so that you can know when to take something like this. Older you are the more important it is. If you’re 18 – 24, clearly not an issue.


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