Men lose testosterone as they age. Learn why and how they can improve the testosterone levels.
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Why do Men lose testosterone as they age? An in-Depth Review

What is Testosterone? Testosterone is the primary sex and anabolic hormone in males. It’s vital role is to promote the development of male reproductive system organs like the prostate and testes. ...
Testosterone levels drop during winter. Learn how different seasons impact testosterone levels in your body.
Increase Testosterone

Why do Men's Testosterone levels drop during the winter?

Hormones are pretty fascinating. They play such a significant role in how our body and mind function. And while it's pretty well known that as we age, men's testosterone levels drop, not many are ...
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Increase Testosterone

The High Importance of Testosterone in the Body

Most commonly known as the male sex hormone, testosterone is important for more than just a great sex drive. In fact, testosterone plays a role in a number of bodily processes and is found in both...
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Deer Velvet Health Benefits

Top Deer Antler Velvet Health Benefits for Men

What are the most sought after health benefits for men who take deer antler velvet? We questioned those who buy our pure deer antler velvet product on why they decided to start taking the supplemen...
Man flexing his muscles after taking deer antler velvet to increase testosterone levels
Increase Testosterone

Natural Ways to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a hormone that adapts to major changes within your body. Your levels decrease due to advancing age or the heavy use of medication. Although some factors cannot be changed, there ar...