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Pure Velvet Premium - Deer Antler Velvet
Pure Velvet Premium - Deer Antler Velvet
Pure Velvet Premium - Deer Antler Velvet
Pure Velvet Premium - Deer Antler Velvet
Pure Velvet Premium - Deer Antler Velvet
Pure Velvet Premium - Deer Antler Velvet

Pure Velvet Premium - Deer Antler Velvet

"I've been using this for the last three months and have really noticed some solid weight and muscle gains. I feel stronger when working out and am maintaining muscle pretty easily." - Jon Z.

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Our best seller. 2,000 mg per bottle, 80:1 Extract Ratio

The optimal choice. Pure Velvet Premium is our best selling deer antler velvet bottle as it provides 2,000mg of pure deer antler velvet extract. If you're undecided on which level is right for you, the Premium Antler is your best bet. From serious athletes, to those looking to get back into the gym with extra help, this level of deer velvet can help arm your body with improved performance and increased endurance.

Unleash the power of IGF-1 with pure deer antler velvet.

Pure Deer Antler Velvet Recommended for:

  • Athletes or those who train regularly
  • Persons who workout 3 - 5 times a week
  • Those recovering from nagging injuries 

Elk Antler Extract Benefits:

  • Strength Boost*
  • Supports healthy aging*
  • Immune support*
  • Increased endurance*
  • Libido enhancement*

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Pure Velvet Promise:

  • Liquid extract is thought of as the best way to reap antler velvet benefits as opposed to pills and sprays
  • Animal friendly deer antler harvesting
  • Flash freeze dry to maintain pure antler velvet

Warning: Preserved in grape alcohol. Those allergic to alcohol or who have a history of alcoholism should not try this product.

Unlike Competitors, We Have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Pure form deer velvet does not taste good. We believe it is a great supplement, but if you feel that it's not living up to your expectations, we will offer you a full refund within 30 days. For more info, read our full return policy.

Looking for Lu Rong supplements? You're in luck. Lu Rong is another common phrase used when referring to Deer Antler Velvet. It is usually Acupuncturists that refer to Deer Velvet as lu rong due to it's ancient Chinese roots.  If you're looking for Lu Rong, then this is the supplement for you. Other common terms used to mention Deer Velvet include Elk Antler Velvet, Deer Horn, and Antler Dust.

A fully controlled Farm to Bottle process

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Matthew -.
United States United States
Great synergy between this and pre-workouts

I'm a powerlifter. I took this for the past month and noticed a significant increase in strength, endurance, and muscle recovery. Noticed a great synergy between this and any pre-workout supplement. Highly recommend.

Pure Velvet Extracts Pure Velvet Premium - Deer Antler Velvet Review
Daniel P.
United States United States
Got me back on the baseball field early

I ordered the 2000mg **** and it's amazing. A teammate of mine just ordered his own. I healed in 3 weeks when I wasn't expected to be back for 6 weeks. It's been a big help in the gym as well.

Shane C.
United States United States
Great product

So far so good. I've been dealing with tendon damage in my elbow nothing has helped at all. I'm 1 week into the bottle abs ALREADY feel it getting better. Love this stuf!!!

Alfred D.
United States United States
Pure velvet experience

Since a couple weeks into my first bottle i feel more enhanced with strength and endurance so it's the real deal!

Travis S.
United States United States

This is my third month being on Deer Antler Velvet and I feel amazing. My recovery is on point. I recommend this product to everyone!