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Pure Velvet Classic - Deer Antler Velvet
Pure Velvet Classic - Deer Antler Velvet
Pure Velvet Classic - Deer Antler Velvet
Pure Velvet Classic - Deer Antler Velvet
Pure Deer Antler Velvet Spray
Pure Velvet Classic - Deer Antler Velvet
Liquid drops of Deer Antler Velvet
Deer Antler Velvet bottle
Pure Velvet Classic - Deer Antler Velvet
Pure Velvet Classic - Deer Antler Velvet
Pure Velvet Classic - Deer Antler Velvet

Pure Velvet Classic - Deer Antler Velvet

"I have used a few of the deer antler velvet products out there. The Pure Velvet is worth the extra cost; not only is it more effective but they back their product. - Scott S.

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Our best priced bottle. 1,000 mg per bottle, 80:1 Extract Ratio.

Pure Velvet Classic delivers 1,000 mg of pure deer antler velvet extract to give you the edge you need regardless of performance goals.

Take advantage of our limited time discount that offers the lowest price we've ever offered on our top quality antler velvet liquid. 

Recommended for:

Antler Extract Benefits:

  • Strength boost*
  • Supports healthy aging*
  • Immune support*
  • Increased endurance*

Unsure which Antler Velvet supplement is right for you? Compare them

Unlike Competitors, We Have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

Pure form deer velvet does not taste good. It works, but it doesn't taste good. That said, if you feel that it's not working, we will offer you a full refund within 30 days. For more info, read our full return policy.

Pure Velvet Promise:

  • Liquid extract is the only way to reap antler velvet benefits. Pills and sprays don't work.
  • Animal friendly deer antler harvesting
  • Flash freeze dry to maintain pure antler velvet

A fully controlled Farm to Bottle Deer Velvet process

Pure form deer antler velvet


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Bryce M.
United States United States

Real deer antler velvet

Hey guys, try it out today, this stuff is the real deal! I had surgery to remove a mass near my spine earlier this year in January, and was lacking energy, motivation (& libido), mental agility, joint pains...I was desperate for absolutely anything to get me feeling better, and after ordering Pure Velvet Classic extract, I have literally been throwing the football again, skateboarding; things I never thought I'd comfortably be able to do again. I can tell you I have been doing all of those things since taking this product, comfortably. I have the energy now to get up out of bed, stay out of bed and get stuff done. My mental agility is increased, I feel so much more in control of my life because I just feel better overall. Guys, don't waste your time on those other $30 synthetic igf1, its not even deer antler! If anyone has ever told you deer antler extract doesn't work, they were like me and using the Fake deer antler extracts. Be like the new me and use the real stuff straight from healthy deer living freely.

Pure Velvet Extracts Pure Velvet Classic - Deer Antler Velvet Review
Kenneth O.
United States United States

Feel good and strong

It makes me feel good and strong all day thank you

Pure Velvet Extracts Pure Velvet Classic - Deer Antler Velvet Review
Jeffrey S.
United States

Returning customer, stuff works for sure.

I was using this for a couple years, but I stopped working out due to time constraints. I started working out again, doing high intensity interval training with coaches etc. I could not get over soreness and this causing a delay for me between work outs. So I bought pure velvet deer antler again. My recovery time between workouts is definitely shorter and it is 100% noticeable when I am using this product. I highly recommend giving it a try.

United States United States


This product contains a high volume of grape alcohol; taking it in the morning on an empty stomach is a very bad idea. Not only you will get lethargic, but also your stomach will hurt. Holding it under the tongue for 60 seconds contributes to a burning pain under the tongue. What kind of company uses high-percentage alcohol as a preserving agent and advises its buyers to consume the product on an empty stomach? Buying this was a mistake. Be aware those who are alcohol sensitive.

United States United States


My overall experience using this item was pretty good....................