As with all dietary supplements, for every quality supplement provider, there are 10 to 20 scammers or ripoff artists. Deer Antler Velvet reached its peak in awareness during the time that Ray Lewis used it to recover from an injury, and that introduced many scam artists to the supplement who had the idea to make the same claims while delivering a different product.

How to spot Scam Deer Antler Supplements

There are many ways you can spot a scammer in the deer antler velvet industry. Anyone who is not providing pure deer antler velvet and monitoring the process from farm to bottle is a likely culprit because they don't have any idea what's actually going into the supplement.

Key ways to identify a scam deer supplement:

  • Antlers on the bottle, but no deer antler listed on the ingredients
  • Mentions of proprietary blend
  • Any synthetic velvet antler supplement means that they are creating synthetic IGF-1 or false claims of deer antler. Anything synthetic, is not pure.
  • Any supplement on Amazon that claims to have IGF-1 or Deer Antler Velvet in it is a fake. We have been working with Amazon to allow Deer Supplements in their online store, but they will not allow deer supplements to be sold on as of now.