Sell deer antler velvet that helps promote vitality and improve overall health, at your health club or fitness center

Top Reasons Personal Trainers Should Sell Pure Velvet Extracts

  • Strong client Repeat Purchase Rate
    40% of our customers become regular monthly Deer Antler Velvet users. This means that a high percentage of your personal training clients will become regular monthly buyers. Selling this supplement once can result in long-term residual income.
  • Your Clients will rely on you as their supplier
    Protein, Creatine, Pre-workout - it's all available to easily buy on Amazon. Real Deer Antler Velvet is not allowed to be sold on Amazon, and stores like GNC only carry the diluted low-value stuff. Your clients will rely on you as their sole provider of deer antler velvet. Our wholesale pricing will allow you to match, or undercut our site's pricing - so your clients won't order direct from us either. 
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  • High margins make selling Deer Velvet highly profitable for PTs
    Deer Antler Velvet is a premium superfood that has many health benefits. Our wholesale pricing is setup so that even if you discount it, you're able to sell the Pure Velvet with high margins. This allows you to increase profits for your personal training business.
  • It's an additional benefit of being your PT client
    Feedback from personal trainers so far has been that not only do their clients continue to order from them each month, but that they also appreciate the recommendation. As their personal trainer, they appreciate you expanding your breadth of advisement beyond just exercise and diet, but also to include advice on lesser known supplements.

So what is Deer Antler Velvet?

You can feel confident that Pure Velvet Extracts sells - but what is it? Deer Antler Velvet is a superfood with great health benefits. It helps boost strength, supports healthy aging, assists immune support, and promotes endurance*.

While results can vary by individual, personal trainers should feel confident of the quality of our product because of our high retention rate. Our customers are committed to ordering our product on a monthly basis - and your personal training clients will too.

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