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Deer Antler Velvet Price Comparisons - Don't Order Cheap Stuff

Deer antler velvet prices vary widely, and range from $7.99 to over $1,000 based on shops that we found online. Our number one rule when purchasing deer antler velvet is to make sure it's pure antler velvet, and avoid ordering the cheap stuff (because it's definitely not pure).

It's difficult to compare antler velvet prices

Price is always one of the core factors when weighing a purchase decision. Online prices for products that can't be viewed in person before making a purchase can be a clear indicator of value, while also serving as a red flag of a potential lack of value. 

We offer numerous differently priced deer antler velvet products on our site to fit each individual's needs. Our prices are admittedly higher than many products that you will find online claiming to have deer antler velvet or IGF-1. In fact, the majority of prices we found are higher than the price it costs us to harvest our pure velvet extracts.

When companies are retailing deer antler velvet for a lower price than we can make it, that is a big red flag.

It's important to remember that the cheapest price is not always the best deal. Think about the above scenario. In essence, it would be cheaper for us to order supplements from other stores after they've already created, bottled, surcharged, and marketed their product, than it would be for us to harvest our own deer antler velvet. This is a clear sign that they are producing synthetic deer antler velvet to maximize profitability. After all, they are most likely capturing a lot of sales from those looking to pay less than $60 a bottle. Humans are naturally drawn to a lower price for what seems to be the same products.

However, not all deer antler velvet supplements are created equal. We can compare anonymous examples below of deer velvet products for sale online and their associated ingredients. The below will show you how price can be a red flag, and the proper price range you should look to make sure you're ordering from a reputable brand.

Antler Velvet Price Comparison Chart

Antler Velvet Product Price Ingredients Dosage Note
Example A $18.95 Antler Extract 20mg, L-Arginine, Epimedium, Eurycoma 20mg; Antler Spray This is a perfect example of cheap antler velvet supplement that doesn't hold much value. With only 20mg of antler velvet, this has 1/50 the amount of deer antler velvet of our lowest dose.
Example B $49.95 Dee Antler Velvet Extract 50mg, Glutathione, Vitamin B-12 50mg; Antler spray Again, only 50mg of deer antler velvet extract. The addition of Glutathione and Vitamin B-12 is pointless and can be easily supplemented elsewhere. Also, sprays don't work as well as liquid droppers.
Example C $149.99 Deer Antler Velvet (1000mg) 1000mg; Antler Velvet Capsules Finally, we're at a reasonable dosage of deer antler velvet. Our Classic Antler Extract has 1000mg at a promo price of $69.99. That said, given that this product is in capsule form, we do not recommend as Antler Velvet is better absorbed in liquid form.
Elite Antler $174.99 during promo price periods Pure Deer Antler Velvet (3000mg) 3000mg; Antler Velvet Liquid As you can see, while having 3x the potency of the $149 priced example, it is only $25 more expensive. It also comes in liquid form to maximize absorbtion and comes with free shipping and free returns within 30 days.
Example D $1,100 200mg deer antler velvet 200mg; Antler Velvet powder Here's another red flag. We have a pretty expensive antler velvet extraction process, which causes our prices to be higher than we want them to be. That said, there is no reason a brand should be selling antler velvet for this high of a price. Not to mention that it only contains 200mg of extract and we do not recommend purchasing antler velvet in powder form.

Conclusion on Deer Antler Velvet Pricing

Clearly the table above does not include every single deer antler velvet supplement available, but it gives you sample pricing of some popular brands along with an analysis of the best price range to find pure deer antler velvet. We recommend avoiding anything that's priced below $70 and anything priced above $300 as the cheaper prices are likely synthetic, and the higher prices are an excessive markup. 

We'd love to hear about your personal experience shopping for deer antler velvet online and any interesting prices you have encountered. Please comment below. 


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  • I can attest to not ordering the cheapest priced antler velvet. I ordered a 2-pack of deer antler velvet for $39.99. It seemed like a steal to only pay about $20 per bottle. I failed to look at the supplement nutrition label before I ordered. When I received it, I noticed that it only had 10mg of deer antler velvet per serving. This is nothing. When I did the math, it turns out that ordering the most expensive brand I could find was actually a better deal than buying the 2-pack promotion that I ordered.

    Unfortunately, I already opened up the bottles and I don’t believe the brand I ordered from offers any returns. So I’m just going to take a bunch of these for now, but I am likely going to order from you the next time. We’ll see.


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