Graph to show the percentage of men vs women who take deer antler velvet for health and wellness

Can Women Take Deer Antler Velvet

Contrary to what some people think, women can take deer antler velvet. The health benefits offered by deer velvet supplements can be helpful to both men and women.

In fact, roughly 30% of our deer antler velvet customers are women.

We reported in the past, that roughly 30% of our sales are from women. Based on updated numbers, this percentage has actually grown. While we would never unveil individual's names, our largest business to consumer customer is actually a woman. Anyone doubting whether women would benefit or see value would be convinced otherwise by seeing her annual spend on deer antler velvet.

Graph showing the percent of women who take deer antler velvet to enhance their athletic performance and energy levels

3rd party sources also show that women have an interest in deer antler velvet. If you go to, you can see that they report 27% of those who search for deer antler velvet are women (picture shown to the right). Even outside of our data, it's safe to assume that if 27% of women are searching for deer antler velvet, then roughly the same amount are also taking the supplement.

Why do people assume women wouldn't benefit from Deer Antler Velvet?

It's no surprise that people would assume deer velvet is not popular among females. Deer Velvet Spray is often marketed as bodybuilding supplement, with the pitch of "boosting testosterone" and "building bulk muscle fast." While there are definitely women out there with some muscle mass, the majority tend to avoid bulking up. 

Whether your goal is put on muscle mass or not, deer antler velvet has many health benefits for both men and women. It will not take a woman and boost her testosterone levels to where she is packing on muscle. That is not how any supplement works and it's not why most people take deer antler velvet.

The health benefits that women often seek out when taking deer antler velvet is thicker looking hair, energy boost, muscle recovery, and revitalizing youth. Marketing initiatives supporting steroid-like benefits have overshadowed the other reasons that many people take deer antler velvet. 

Hopefully this article will reduce the number of women who message us with uncertainty as to whether deer antler velvet is available for them.



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For relief of arthritis and muscle recovery

For relief of arthritis and muscle recovery

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