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Deer Antler Velvet for Women - Why it's essential for Females

Women holding deer antler velvet

Given its associations with male HGH and bodybuilding, deer antler velvet is generally thought of as a supplement that is meant for men only. While we can't argue the ties to it helping to improve bodybuilding performance, it's important to understand that taking deer antler extract can be beneficial for women as well.

Taking deer antler velvet supplements as a woman is not only safe, but it provides numerous health benefits. Antler velvet is a super food that provides many important vitamins and amino acids that women need. 

Do women take deer antler velvet?

Women account for over 30% of our deer antler velvet supplement sales. Not only do women purchase deer antler velvet, but they are very vocal about their approval of the supplement. Despite being the minority in terms of sales, women make up a slight majority of our customer emails about how they saw significant energy and mood improvements from taking our deer antler velvet supplement.

While we don't recommend that women take deer antler velvet while pregnant, we do have many women who take Pure Velvet when they are not pregnant who swear by the improvement it's made in their life. 

What's the most common reason women take deer antler velvet?

By far, the most common reason women mention they take deer antler velvet has been because they are looking to maintain their youthful appearance. Women have used velvet antler velvet for hundreds of years to support healthy agingAfter that, many report that taking DAV regularly can help improve their mood on a daily basis. 

If you're a woman who is taking antler velvet, we would love to hear your comments below on your experience. What health benefits of deer antler velvet do you think are the most important?



  • Women take deer antler velvet supplements often to help with facilitate with hair growth. This has been proven in numerous health studies. Antler velvet has similar skin and hair benefits to supplements like Biotin. I recommend to my friends that they take both deer velvet and Biotin with each consumed in liquid dropper form.

    This is not just a recommendation to women, but men can also improve skin and hair health by taking deer velvet. I’ve found in my social circle that the women tend to care about those benefits while the males look to the HGH impact.

    Angela Myers
  • It’s amazing how many women have hormonal imbalances. We go through many stages in our lives that cause the female hormones to swirl out of control. Puberty, being pregnant, having the baby and postpartum hormonal imbalances. Then there’s the dreadful menopause. If deer velvet supplements can help balance the female hormones like estrogen then I would be totally onboard with taking deer velvet.

    I’ll continue to research deer antler velvet as it’s a new dietary supplement to me, but if it can help with female hormonal balance, I am onboard.


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