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Deer Antler Drops - Why They're Better Than Velvet Sprays

We recommend deer antler drops instead of sprays because we know that deer antler velvet in the liquid drop form is better absorbed into the body and better preserved within the dropper bottle. Taking deer antler velvet in the liquid form, using a dropper is the best way to unlock the full range of health benefits that the supplement provides.

Liquid antler drops stored in a bronze bottle

Why are deer antler drops so much better than sprays?

  • Antler velvet drops are able to be stored in a bronze glass bottle. This is important because the bronze glass keeps the liquid safe from outside elements that can dilute or contaminate the antler velvet liquid. With a plastic bottle, the plastic can bond to the antler velvet liquid and reduce the purity of the deer antler velvet.
  • Deer Antler velvet drops are easier to consume. Using a liquid dropper, it's very easy to administer antler drops under the tongue, as recommended. With an antler velvet spray, it's going to spray like Binaca. As we've seen in Dumb & Dumber, sprays like this can get ugly if not aimed the right way.
  • Liquid drops are easier to measure and take proper dosage. Taking antler velvet with a dropper allows you to see how full the dropper is and fill the dropper to the exact same level each time. Using a spray can yield inconsistent dosage because sprays do not always eject the same amount of liquid. For example, think about when you're spraying a Windex bottle and how sometimes nothing comes out until you squeeze it a few times.
  • Antler velvet dropper bottles are better for storage and travel.
    Our bronze bottles come with a dropper cap that seals tight when twisted shut. This ensures that none of the deer antler velvet liquid leaks out while you carry the bottle in your bag or pocket. Sprays can sometimes get pressed up against things when you carry them which causes them to spray. Then you not only lose some of your precious deer antler velvet liquid, but you also make a mess of your bag or pocket.

Let us know your opinion in the comments. Which do you prefer? Antler liquid drops or antler velvet sprays?


  • The one small issue I have with deer antler drops is that I spill from time to time. Deer antler velvet isn’t cheap, so losing a few droplets here and there can really add up. I try to be extra careful as a result, but it can still be stressful trying to take the right dosage without spilling.

  • I wish you guys sold antler velvet in 10 fl oz sizes so that I could have a big bottle sitting in my cabinet to refill my other dropper bottles. If you ever decide to make different sized bottles, definitely consider making a value size.

  • Liquid drops is the only way to take deer antler velvet. I don’t understand why some people think that you can take antler velvet in pill form. Various studies have shown that pill form does not work and deer extract must be consumed in the liquid form. To date, I do not know of any other liquid administration method that works. You have to take deer antler drops or sprays.

    Tyler Lindenbaum
  • I actually wish the deer antler velvet worked better with capsules than using the liquid drops. I’m not a fan of using the droppers. I sometimes take antler velvet while I’m at work but other times I take it while I’m at home. With pills or capsules, I’m able to throw a pill or two in my pocket and head off to work or brunch or wherever.

    With the deer antler drops you’re not able to squirt some liquid in your pocket and head off. Instead, you have to carry the entire bottle of liquid extract in your purse. While the bottle isn’t big, it’s just an annoyance I’d rather not deal with. Currently, I work around it somewhat by having a dropper at work and another one I keep at the house, but it’s annoying having to have 2 bottles of antler extract at all times.

    Greg Wright
  • Before I started taking Pure Velvet drops, I used to take the antler sprays. I forget which brand it was as it was a few years ago. I tried a few. Now that I take the dropper for of antler velvet, I agree with the author that taking the supplement in liquid drop form has a better absorbtion rate. I wasn’t previously aware of the plastic bottle issue but I guess if you dig into the science of it all that makes sense. I do wish that they had different size droppers, however, as I like to to space out my dosage throughout the day.

    Dennis B

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