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The Growing Popularity of Liquid Drop Supplements

If you've ever taken a trip to your local nutrition supplement store like CVS, or shopped around on Amazon for vitamins, you'll notice that many now come in the form of liquid drops. Glass liquid dropper bottles are becoming a very popular way to administer supplements.

Why are liquid drops becoming the favorite way to take supplements?

Liquid drops are best way to take supplements

The somewhat  recent success and associated growth of the liquid supplement industry is due to numerous reasons. The primary growth factor is likely due to the ease of taking supplements from a liquid dropper bottle, but that's not the only reason.

Being a nutrition supplement company that produces and sells pure deer antler velvet, we have many discussions with fellow retailers and suppliers about types of supplements and methods to take them. Based on our research and knowledge within the industry, we've identified several core reasons why people prefer supplements in the form of liquid drops.

 Reasons people prefer liquid drops

  • Liquid dropper supplements are easy to take: There are many people (especially those millennials) that can't take pills, or really don't like swallowing them. These people are left with either taking chewables, which often taste pretty bad, or taking liquid supplements. Given the bad taste of chewable supplements, liquid drops have become the popular method of administration.
  • Sublingual administration is absorbed better by the body: Placing liquid drops under the tongue allows the supplement to be absorbed better and faster. It goes without saying that if a supplement can be absorbed better by taking it with a dropper, then that's what many people (especially bodybuilders) are going to do. 
  • Liquid dropper bottles are fun to use: This may sound silly, but we've witnessed countless people talk about how fun it is to use the dropper to take our deer antler velvet supplement. Similar to the excitement of using droppers in elementary school science class, taking supplements with a dropper is fun. I'm personally a pretty big fan.

So is the popularity of liquid droppers the reason we decided to only supply deer antler velvet in bronze liquid dropper bottles? No, although it's somewhat related to one of the reasons liquid supplements are so popular. We only provide deer antler velvet in liquid form because storing it in bronze glass bottles and taking antler drops by inserting them under the tongue is the only way to fully absorb pure antler velvet. We don't mess with sprays or capsules, because they don't work.

What's your preference? Do you like taking supplements in liquid drops, capsules, powders, or any other method? Leave us a comment below.


  • I mentioned this on the other article talking about antler velvet drops, but again, I would much rather have antler velvet in capsule or pill form. Then it would be much easier to take the supplement while you’re out and about. I am not a fan of this whole move by the nutrition supplement industry to have everything taken in liquid drop form. Hoping the trend does not continue.

    Greg Wright
  • 100% agree with the note about people taking liquid dropper supplements because they can’t swallow pills. I absolute can not swallow pills of any decent size. If they are not small and broken in half, I just can’t do it. With dietary supplements, the pills are especially large. Why is that? Anyway, with supplement pills, I especially cannot swallow them so I prefer chewables or droppers. I haven’t tried this deer antler velvet supplement, but if I did, I would need it in liquid drop form.


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