Learn the similarities and differences between elk antler velvet and deer antler velvet for overall health and wellness

Elk Antler Velvet vs Deer Antler Velvet

Understanding the differences and similarities between "deer" and "elk" can be helpful for those in search of purchasing for pure antler products. Some stores sell elk antler velvet products while others sell deer antler velvet. Learn the difference to educate yourself on why both are similar options.

So you are searching for Elk Antler Velvet and finding your yourself having trouble locating what you need. Well, the issue is that you are searching using the wrong terms. It happens, we are all guilty of doing the same thing at some point. However, it turns out that elk and deer are family but the species is different. This is the relationship between the two. Basically, instead of putting Elk Antler Velvet in the search engine, you should have put Deer Antler Velvet.

The Relationship Between Deer and Elk
What are the similarities you might ask? Well, there are several things they have in common. One of them is obvious, they both have antlers. Also, both eat the same diet, the foods are based on nutrition, and they have the same digestive system. In terms of their digestive system, both species stomachs have four chambers. When food is plentiful elk and deer have their own separate food source. Otherwise, each mammal will eat the same thing in the same area when the food source is scarce. An example of this type of behavior would be when these animals are facing a harsh winter. Elk and deer have their calves in the Spring after mating in the Fall. Males grow their antlers annually which contain a soft tissue called velvet. Just so you know, it does not matter which species you come across, the antlers on any of the males are deadly. This is why hunters (which we're not) tend to avoid areas that may have male deer or elk.

It is worth exploring what makes these two mammals of the same family so different. 

Deer have a scientific name called Cervidae. They have an average life cycle of 15 to 25 years. Most weigh up to 500 kilograms and run at very fast speeds. Deer get to be as long as up to 14 inches which makes them small. You can look all over the world and find a deer because they can adapt to various habitats. Reindeer, Mule, White Tail, Red, Fallow, and Water deer are just a few of the deer that are of the same species. With that in mind, this makes them the leading species. They have their own different parts of the world in which they inhabit. However, the size and speed are the same. When looking for food, these animals are known for using their sense of smell. Also, deer have soft body surfaces. 

Having a scientific name called Cervus Canadensis, elk have some very vast differences with their other family members. For one, they are the only species of their kind in the dear family. If you want to find these creatures, you will have to search parts of North America and East Asia. Otherwise, you are out of luck searching anywhere else. They don’t adapt to a whole of environments. Elk can live in mountains and snowy regions. An elk’s life expectancy is even short. Unlike deer, they only live on average between 10 to 13 years. Their weight is 300 kilograms. However, these creatures are bigger and slower than deer. They can’t get away as fast when being hunted. Since that is the case, if you ever find yourself confronted with an elk, you can back away slowly before running off at a fast pace. It’s possible to outrun them. As far as height, these animals can grow to be nine feet tall. Elk also have the unique ability to lose their antlers in Spring and grow them back before mating season. Cows are females, and males are bulls. 

The relationship between elk and deer can be confusing on the surface. However, the Deer Antler Velvet is the same tissue. Now, you know what you are looking for.

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