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Natural Ways to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Arnold Schwarzenegger has high testosterone levels

Testosterone is a hormone that adapts to major changes within your body. Your levels decrease due to advancing age or the heavy use of medication. Although some factors cannot be changed, there are others that you have more control over.

However, not all testosterone-increasing methods are healthy to take. Review the natural ways that you can increase the hormone levels in your body.

Stay Fit and Rest

Regular exercise is proven by medical and fitness experts to boost hormone levels. After you exercise, the level spikes in your body. Certain workouts are more effective than others like weightlifting and strength training. 

A minimum of seven hours of sleep is recommended for stable levels. A lack of sleep causes stress that create a hormonal imbalance. However, rest and exercise alone are not entirely effective, so it's important to include other methods like diet. 

Eat Healthy

Many researchers claim that consuming fat and protein is guaranteed to boost testosterone levels, which also promotes bodybuilding. Eating a diet that's mostly grains or vegetables is not proven to affect hormones. Without taking supplements, it's recommended that you consume meat made without animal hormones.

Also, monitor the frequency at which you eat. Overeating leads to weight gain or obesity that reduces the levels significantly. Going on and off strict diets is also not a healthy move.

Lower Stress

Lower the stress levels that affect your hormones negatively. Cortisol increases when you are stressed and may cause Cushing's syndrome. When one hormone increases, the other one decreases. Stress may cause you to overeat and consume unhealthy foods.

Increase Vitamin D 

Most medical studies state that Vitamin D is associated with good health and normal levels of testosterone. Without supplementation, receive healthy doses of this vitamin from a daily sun exposure that lasts for 10 minutes or more. The natural solution to increase this intake is less expensive and does not require measurements. 

Take Herbs

Some herbs and natural extracts are proven to boost levels of this hormone. Ashwagandha, ginger extract and Eurycoma longifolia have been tested and proven to work as boosters in humans. Ashwagandha was shown to decrease the amounts of cortisol and increase those of testosterone.

Testosterone is needed to increase physical performance and promote good overall health. The hormone is produced naturally in the body and can be placed in natural ways. Taking supplements that may or may not work or using steroids is not entirely safe. Review all of your options and increase your levels naturally.


  • Everyone knows that the absolute best way to increase testosterone levels is to take steroids or pure HGH. It’s supplements like antler velvet that we’re hoping will give us the testosterone boosting benefits without having to take steroids.

    Cory L.
  • The most important thing for building testosterone naturally is making sure that you’re doing the RIGHT exercises. Exercise overall won’t increase testosterone levels. You need to lift very heavy weights and do compound exercises to work the body into muscle exhaustion. That’s what I do and you can notice the testosterone increase by the way I feel.


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