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Why It's Best to always Buy Supplements in Pure Form

Why we recommend pure form supplements Vitamins and minerals have been on the market for years. However, many consumers do not take the pure version of their supplements. Here are some of the many reasons to buy supplements in the most pure format available.

Purity and Absorption 

Your body's ability to absorb certain vitamins and minerals is directly related to its ability to how pure the supplement remains. At times, outside ingredients can inhibit the body's ability to utilize certain natural ingredients. Supplements like Pure Velvet Extracts are no exception to this rule. Because this product is not diluted for any reason, the human body does not have to worry about trying to process and absorb artificial or filler ingredients. This allows it to focus on utilizing the health benefits of the supplement to the fullest. It is vital that these supplements remain pure so that the body may properly absorb and benefit from the product! 

Purity and Value 

Frankly, why should you have to pay for a product that is mostly filler ingredients? If you are investing your hard-earned cash into a health supplement, it should be the best quality available. Not only does this decrease the likelihood that you will waste your money on a product that does not work, but it also assures that you are getting 100% of what you pay for. Many nutritional supplements on the market can be so diluted that only 20-30% of the product has any nutritional value. That means 70-80% is made up ingredients that have no value to the body at all. Purchasing a pure supplement assures that you are not paying for a product that is mostly worthless to your health. 

Purity and Ethics 

Producing a pure supplement is a manner of respect that the company shows to both the consumer and the source material from which the supplement is derived. The natural product, derived from nature, shows a respect for that piece of nature as well as a respect for what goes into the human body. The deer used to make Pure Velvet Extracts are raised by the company with great care. The extraction of the antlers needed for the product does not hurt the deer. The respect shown for these majestic creatures is also extended to the consumer. A lack of added ingredients and artificial fillers show the consumer that their health and happiness is also valued strongly by the makers of the product. 

Getting Better Results with Pure Supplements

Supplements are generally taken in order to see health results. In the case of this supplement line, results can be anything from raised energy levels to increased bone density, hormone balance, better focus, or better muscular health. While all of these are potential benefits of taking such supplements, you are much more likely to experience good results if you are taking the product in a pure form. Not only that, but the product is more likely to have a more immediate impact. Some more diluted supplements take longer for the body to see results. That is if the body can process the product at all. This can cause the consumer to get frustrated and quit taking the supplement. However, the pure version of the product is much more likely to show results quickly. 

Purity and Allergies 

Last but certainly not least, supplements that are pure hold a much lower chance of any sort of allergic reaction from the consumer. This is simply because there are fewer filler and artificial ingredients. Many people believe that they are allergic to certain vitamins and minerals. This is petty rare. More likely, they are allergic to something used within the product as a filler. By eliminating all of these elements, the consumer is extremely unlikely to experience and sort of reaction of discomfort. 

Health supplements can really boost your overall health and wellness. To assure that this happens, always remember that purity is key!


  • @Kyle – I think you’re misunderstanding the point of something being considered natural and organic. When things are organically made, that means they come from unmodified products. So for instance, if you take some wheatgrass and put it in with an egg, it’s organic. I can’t say that this combination makes any sense, but the point is that both wheatgrass and eggs both naturally exist. Whereas, if you take plastic and a bunch of modified ingredients and put them together, those are not naturally occurring ingredients. Therefore, that product would not be considered pure or natural.

  • Call me crazy, but couldn’t anything made on this earth technically be considered to be “pure” or “natural” because it was made from earthly materials. This is my whole issue with the whole “natural health” trend and how everyone wants to buy things that are considered organic. It’s not like manufacturers are going to Mars and grabbing items that aren’t provided by the earth to create new materials. It’s taking natural resources and building things out of them – so technically any supplement created could be considered to be a pure one.

    Kyle Unger

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