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Deer Velvet Spray Sales Increase for 4th of July Holiday

As Summer holidays near, and people realize they will have to be practically naked in front of others at the beach or pool, many quickly develop a renewed interest in improving their physical appearance.

Graph showing upward trend in nutrition supplement sales during the summer.Previously, we published an article about how our supplement sales increased more than usual right before Memorial Day weekend. We were surprised to see sales nearly triple compared to previous week averages leading up to the week before Memorial day. We believe this is primarily due to many having beach trips or warm weather vacations that they want to look their best in a bathing suit.

While Sales Increased, It was Not As Significant as Memorial Day Weekend

We expected an increase in sales for this Holiday, as we typically see an uptick in activity as holidays get closer, but when comparing it to pre-Memorial Day Weekend sales, it was actually a slightly lower boost. The primary reason that we feel Memorial Day Weekend was so much more popular, is because Memorial Day also marks the start of the Summer beach season. By 4th of July, many have already squeezed in a beach trip or a day at the pool, so they are already prepared, or have decided to accept their body as is for the season.

Deer Antler Velvet Sales Seasonality

If you look at the graph below, you can see 2017's search seasonality of people searching for Deer Antler Velvet. This graph is provided by Google Trends, which is a great research tool for looking into any topic's seasonality.

Google Trends graph showing deer antler spray seasonality.

You'll see that in 2017, there was an increase in search volume around May and June, but then it actually dipped in July. This dip supports consistency in what we're seeing, where sales may increase before the July 4th holiday, but not as much as before Memorial Day weekend.

The interesting changeup, is that interest increased even more in August. This could be due to yet another popular Beach holiday (Labor Day weekend), or it could be for some other reason that we have not yet been able to identify. For instance, perhaps "Back to School" focus leads people to evaluate what they should load up on to start their scholar year on the right track. 

We also introduced a new Pure Velvet promo code for Summer

For the next few days (at least), we have a promo code that offers 20% off your entire supplement order. The new promotion may also be a contributor to the increase in sales we've experienced recently. Offering promotions at the right time can amplify the impact of sales seasonality, as many will gravitate toward buying in bulk to take advantage of limited time discounts.

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We keep our sellers informed on deer antler velvet

Overall, we like to keep an eye on seasonality and different spikes in deer velvet search trends and sales. Outside of posting broader articles of what we're seeing, we also have more in-depth insights and marketing materials that we provide to our resellers and affiliate marketers. If you're interested in selling deer antler velvet or becoming an affiliate, send us an email and we can help get you started with selling supplements online.


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  • I used to run a vitamin and supplement dropshipping store and we used to experience the same type of seasonality. I think people realize last minute that they did not prepare at all for their beach body and they try to do something drastic right ahead of their trip. People would always buy more supplements in the days leading up to a beach holiday. I think we might have even sold deer antler velvet. We decided to sell our store and invest in another business 2 years ago.


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