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What is the Best Deer Antler Velvet Supplement?

Looking for the best deer antler velvet supplement? We compared the top rated deer antler extracts to identify the best supplement for every type of person. View our best priced, best selling, and most potent deer velvet liquid extract.

We're going to rephrase the question: what is the best deer antler velvet for my individual needs?

At Pure Velvet Extracts, we are often asked which deer antler velvet supplement is the best. There are many options out there, and no shortage of brands that claim they are the #1 retailer, but which brand and product is actually the best at allowing you to unlock all of deer antler velvet extracts' health benefits?


If you're comparing DAV brands and products, you've already researched and understand all of the benefits of taking deer antler velvet regularly, and now it's time to find the right fit for your physical activity levels, health goals, and budget. Unfortunately, finding the top antler velvet is a multi-part question to answer. We'll break it down for you and do our best to remain unbiased. 

What is the best brand?

Coming from us, our answer will be obvious. Pure Velvet is the best Deer Antler Velvet brand! But since we're obviously biased, here's some rationale on why we proudly boast that we are the top deer supplement provider.

We have the highest antler velvet extract ratio
  • We have the highest 80:1 extract ratio
  • We are one of the few brands that offers 100% pure deer velvet
  • We offer free shipping (USPS priority) on all orders
  • We are the only brand with a 100% money back guarantee
  • We offer different concentration levels of liquid extract

What is the best Deer Antler Extract type?

We're also #1 because we only provide the best deer antler dosage type. All of our antler velvet comes in liquid form and is packaged in a bronze dropper bottle. Liquid extract is the best type of deer antler velvet. Taking the supplement using liquid drops under the tongue is the best way to unlock all of antler velvet's health benefits.

The top rated antler velvet supplement may not necessarily be the best choice for you. We've found that some people prioritize having the highest strength and potency, while others want to find the lowest price. Meanwhile, some play it safe and buy the top selling extract. We break down the best options for all three below.

What is the most potent Deer Antler Velvet?

The most potent deer antler velvet that we have found is our Pure Velvet - Elite Antler extract. It contains 3000mg of deer antler extract in liquid form. Harvested with an 80:1 extract ratio, our Elite Antler is the most potent deer antler velvet that money can buy. This is the ultimate Grade-A, highest quality antler velvet supplement. It also includes Tribulus which pairs well with IGF-1 to improve vitality. While it's our top rated supplement, it's also the most expensive, so make sure you don't spill it.

What is the best price I can get on 100% pure Deer Extract?

Our Classic Antler Extract is our best priced liquid supplement. While this is not the cheapest antler velvet you can get, it is the best price you will find for real, 100% pure deer antler velvet with a high extraction ratio. From what we've found, and the reason we started our company, all of the other low priced antler supplements are diluted, synthetic, or have a low extraction ratio. If you look closely at the nutrition labels of other brands, you'll see many of them have a low mg level of actual DAV. If you're shopping for the best price, our Classic Antler Extract is one of the better deals you'll be able to find when ordering online.

What is the best selling deer velvet extract supplement?

Our best selling deer antler velvet supplement is by far the Premium Antler Extract. This is our optimal blend that allows you to get a higher concentration level of pure antler velvet than you will get at almost any other supplement store, while still having a competitive price. Especially when we have seasonal discounts, our Premium Antler Extract's pricing is a bargain. Recommended for those who have a medium-to-high activity level, our premium antler extract is our top selling supplement

Still unsure which deer antler velvet is the best one for you? We put together a handy comparison chart to help you compare and find which deer antler velvet extract is the best for you.



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