The decision to buy deer antler velvet is one that should be heavily researched in order to make sure you're ordering the right deer antler velvet supplement for you. 

Aside from our advice on where to buy deer antler velvet, we've put together tips for buying the right deer antler velvet while also getting the best price possible.

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Elite Antler Velvet Supplement helps promote vitality and improve overall health Premium Antler Velvet helps enhance athletic performance and recovery due to its high concentration of growth factors and amino acids Classic Antler Velvet helps promote joint health and reduce inflammation, potentially benefiting those with arthritis or joint pain    

Advice to follow when you buy deer antler velvet supplements*

  1. Use our deer antler velvet product comparison guide to identify the best antler velvet supplement for your individual health and nutrition needs.
  2. When in doubt, go with our Premium Deer Antler Velvet, which is our top seller and our top recommendation for those who are unsure of which level is the best for them. Buying our pure premum velvet is a safe way to middle your risk of purchasing the wrong level. 
  3. Buy pure form liquid velvet extract and avoid synthetic IGF-1. As deer antler velvet grows in popularity, there have been brands selling cheap sprays claiming to be antler velvet as well as brands claiming to sell only IGF-1, which is found in antler velvet. These brands are making false claims. Deer Velvet in pure form costs more to extract than these brands are charging, and the only safe way to supplement antler velvet is in pure form. Do not take synthetic IGF-1.
  4. Do not attempt to buy antler velvet on Amazon. The large retailer does not allow real antler velvet to be sold on their site, so if you purchase on Amazon, you aren't likely to receive authentic deer antler velvet in its pure form. 
  5. Purchase antler velvet when we have a promotional sale. While we have to charge a premium price tag to cover costs of raising healthy free range deer and creating and bottling the product in the USA, we do frequently offer promotional pricing to keep inventory moving. This allows us to keep shipping fresh pure deer antler velvet. We always announce our flash sales on our Facebook page. 
  6. Use promo codes when you buy Pure Velvet. Similar to our frequent discounts above, we also believe in distributing online coupon codes to use during the checkout process. 
  7. Buy deer velvet supplements in bulk. We've found the majority of our sales over the years have resulted in repeat, lifetime customers. Take advantage of our limited time promotions and promo codes to stock up on a multiple month supply of deer antler velvet. It's also beneficial to buy several at once, because there is nothing worse than regularly supplementing with deer velvet and finding out that your bottle is empty.

    If that's ever the case, contact us and we may be able to provide you with overnight shipping, but we always advise stocking up to avoid the situation.
  8. Order from a trusted brand. Similar to our mention cautioning about ordering antler velvet off of Amazon, we also recommend that you don't order deer antler velvet from of Ali Express. The offshore retailer typically does not provide options with pure antler velvet with a high extract ratio.
  9. Always buy deer antler velvet from a brand you can trust
    Don't pay for shipping when you order deer antler velvet. 
    We offer free shipping on all orders of Pure Velvet Extracts. We've found that many brands do not offer free shipping, or require you to spend a certain amount on your order. If you buy from one of these brands, we recommend you at least contact them and ask for free shipping. We offer free shipping on all of our deer antler velvet orders.  

View our video of things to consider when you buy deer antler velvet*

View our introductory video of what deer antler velvet is and things to consider when you buy deer antler velvet. Find out why our pure deer antler velvet is the best purchase decision.